The Truly Important Things in Life

If I were to ask people, “What is the most important thing in life to you?”, I would get a wide variety of answers depending on who I talked to and maybe even where they lived.
For some, it would be their passion for sports, for some art, for some their jobs, hobbies, entertainment, families, spouse or a long list of other things.
Unfortunately, in the times in which we live, acquiring things and seeking pleasurable experiences seem to be given a very unhealthy priority.
I know this is not true for all people, obviously! But I believe it’s clear that many of us have lost touch with what is truly important and valuable.
Taking Inventory
Whether you realize it or not, or whether you believe it or not, all of us make choices every day based on an internal set of values, good or bad. It’s the way you were created and it’s literally like a compass that guides our lives.
You may be one of those people whose personal, casual and business relationships are healthy and balanced. But if you’re not, maybe it’s time for you to take serious inventory and reevaluate what is truly important in this life, because it passes quickly.
My Personal Story
With my personality, I tend to not like being interrupted when I’m busy or enjoying some quiet downtime at home. Like most people, my days include a variety of tasks that need to be performed well in order to do my job effectively, so I really value my personal time and time to be with family.
I was recently made aware of something in my life that I was not comfortable with. I guess if truth be told, I did not want to admit that I could be guilty of this thing. And that is the fact that my personal preference of guarding my valuable time had been guarded too closely lately, and was in fact, potentially hurting someone I love very much.
I don’t like being on the phone much, so I like to be the one to choose when I make or receive calls. I do not like surprise phone calls…which again was my personal preference.
However, when I was confronted with the truth that my selfish preferences were hurting someone I love, I had a choice to make. And fortunately, after taking a quick personal inventory, I made the right choice, asked forgiveness of that person, and reprioritized my personal preferences.
Don’t Live with Regrets
By now, I hope you’ve figured out that what I’m suggesting as being the most important things in life are people and our relationships with them.
Make your family and personal relationships a high priority. If they’re not already, take some action this week, or better yet today to make that happen. Life passes so quickly, and decades disappear like a vapor. I speak from personal experience, so I made it a habit several years ago to let people that are close to me know, beyond any doubt, that they are valuable, important and that I honestly love them.
You don’t want to pass from this life without depositing something lasting and valuable into someone else’s life and hopefully several people you’ve shared your life with.
If you have children and grandchildren, it’s even more important that you leave a legacy behind for them to follow, so that they know and understand how to live so that their lives have lasting impact in those they relate with.
You were created for purpose and destiny to impact the world around you, regardless of how large or small your circle of influence may be. All of us can and do influence the world around us. But the degree of influence and impact we have on a person or a group are determined by how well you know who you are, what you were created for, and how much you believe in it.
There’s an ancient Middle Eastern piece of wisdom that says “What do you have that you did not receive? Now if you did receive it, why do you boast as if you had not received it?” In other words, from the time of our birth to our passing, we make it through life by many people contributing something valuable in our lives.
The more serious you are about searching for true value and purpose in your life, the more lasting value and impact you will have on the world around you. And hopefully, you will leave this earth with a sense of fulfillment and knowledge that you did the best you could with what you had been given.
Dennis Botz

Wanted! Dead or Alive

Have you ever been involved in a relationship with someone for months, years, or even decades, only to discover at the end of it all that you had very little to show for it?

This was my personal experience after spending almost forty-years in a major denominational church. Thankfully, they knew the way to heaven, but offered very little hope or practical help of navigating life’s potholes and roadblocks down here where we must “do life”.

I’m sure some of you can relate to what I just said. You may be stuck in that religious rut right now and you don’t know which direction to go to get out.


Jesus talked about this very thing in Matthew 11:28, 30. The Jewish law had so many rules people had to keep that it was virtually impossible to maintain it. He said, “Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest…for My yoke is easy and My burden is light (NKJV).”

Jesus wants us to come to Him because He is not about rules and regulations, He is ALL about relationship! He knows what makes us tick, what makes us happy and what makes us sad. He doesn’t want to see us bent over under the weight of  a bunch of rules that “we think” we always have to keep in order to please Him. Keeping rules is what religion is all about and that’s not how Jesus thinks.


When a person is involved in acts of dead tradition or working their fingers to the bone just to please God, they’re missing out on the greatest gift of all; intimacy with a compassionate, loving, forgiving Creator. Many times, this type of behavior happens because of wrong teaching. In other words, salvation based on works or human effort to try and please God instead of receiving the gift of grace through faith, which Jesus has already provided.

It’s my personal conviction that we as the church should focus more on the truth that we can have a personal, daily, intimate, loving relationship with the God Who created us. If we do this, we may be able to birth more disciples who have learned to hear the Holy Spirit for themselves through relationship and not so many rules.

This may seem like a topic that is not worth mentioning with so many evangelical churches in existence today. However, it’s also obvious that the spiritual pendulum still swings from one extreme to other— from sloppy grace to cold, harsh, restrictive legalism.

God absolutely deserves our respect, awe and obedience. And there is accountability even with grace and unconditional love. But condemnation never comes from God. And there should rarely be guilt…unless you know you’re living with unconfessed sin. If you are, confess it quickly, repent (go the other way) and get back where you belong.

…or Alive.

Whenever Jesus had a problem with anyone in the Gospels, it was generally with the religious sect—the ones who knew and obeyed the letter of the law but had hearts that were cold as ice. That’s interesting isn’t it? He came down hard on them, yet he had no problem hanging out with prostitutes, tax collectors, thieves, and the like. He told them the truth and they still loved Him.

I really like the passage in John 5:37-40, Jesus was raking the religious leaders of that day over the coals. He said,

And the Father Himself, who sent Me, has testified of Me. You have neither heard His voice at any time, nor seen His form. But you do not have His word abiding in you, because whom He sent, Him you do not believe. You search the Scriptures, for in them “you think” you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me. 40 But you are not willing to come to Me that you may have life.”

This is an awesome passage because Jesus read these guy’s mail that day. They probably thought they’d trip Him up again, but it didn’t happen. They knew the Torah (the law) forwards and backwards. But what they didn’t realize or probably didn’t understand, was that Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit and could see inside that they were dead; even though they were spiritually well-educated.

It’s so simple to move from being dead with no joy or purpose for living, to being alive with the same life that Jesus had and has given to us. I challenge you to move from dead religious works today and into a life that just keeps getting better and better, even in the midst of your circumstances.

For believers that need to move out of dead works into a vital living relationship, simply ask the Lord’s forgiveness and ask Him to open your eyes and ears to hear the truth of a new way of living.

For those of you who don’t have a personal relationship with the Lord, please know that He’s waiting and ready for you right now. It’s so simple and John 3:17 says that God never sent Jesus to condemn “anybody” for any reason.

Instead, He came instead to save the entire world. He’s already taken care of all your sins and mistakes of the past, present, and future. You only need to believe that He died and was raised from the dead for you personally. Then simply ask Him to be your Lord in your own words and follow Him the best you can. He’ll work with you.

Serving You Truth,


Can You Hear God’s Voice?


No matter where you are in this world today, there are a multitude of voices clamoring and competing for your attention. Some of them deserve your attention because what they have to offer is valid and it will protect you and your loved ones. It may also provide wise and sound advice for living a quality life.

However, there is one person who is more important for us to listen to than any other human being on earth.

Have you ever heard someone say they “heard from God” about a particular matter? Perhaps you heard someone say “God prompted me” to do this or that thing. Is it really possible to hear from God?

It is not only possible, but it’s vitally important in these last days that we understand how to hear from God and believe that He wants us to hear from Him. Once we understand how to recognize His voice, the next step is to trust and obey what we hear.

Why Do You Need to Hear God’s Voice?

Because you are  not God, therefore you do not have all the answers to life that you need.

There is no one alive right now that can afford to be without wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that is far greater than what each of us possesses. We are living in perilous times and we must have access on a regular basis to someone who has all the answers to our questions as well as the difficult answers for life.

In addition, we desperately need a vital, daily connection with someone who can and will give us the direction we need in order to safely navigate virtual mine-fields of life.

Let’s imagine that you’re working on your finances, your car, your job, or any number of other difficult tasks and you run into a problem. You’ve tried everything that you can possibly think of.

You’ve talked to people with more experience than you, you’ve researched answers online and more, but you’re stuck and you have to have an answer…now! 

This is the time to “hear God’s voice!”

How To Hear God’s Voice?

In order to hear God’s voice, a person MUST first believe that he or she can hear His voice.

We as human beings were created in God’s image (whether you can accept this as truth or not, Genesis 1:27). This does not mean we were made to “look like Him”. But it does mean we were created with some of His attributes. He created us with the potential of thinking and acting like Him.

He actually made us with an eternal spirit that will never die. And once we surrender to Him as Lord of our life and invite Him into our hearts to live permanently and take up residence there, we become born again. The original Greek language implies that when we accept Jesus or God as Lord, we become born from above.

It is my conviction that since we were created in God’s image from the beginning, we can still hear His voice even before salvation. Otherwise we could not hear Him calling or drawing us to Himself for the purpose of salvation (see John 6:44).

However, in order to think, act, and do business for Him as He would if He were here, we MUST be born again. That’s how His Holy Spirit takes up residence in our lives and that’s how we can develop the sensitivity to hear His voice when He whispers to us; even in a noisy crowd. Ephesians 3:16 in the Amplified translation says that the Holy Spirit Himself indwells our innermost being and personality with “mighty power.” The word “mighty” here in the original Greek language is dunamis, which means miracle working power.

What Does His Voice Sound Like?

Unless you’ve heard God’s voice audibly, you may not recognize it until you’ve spent uninterrupted quiet time in God’s word or at least have spent time talking to someone whom you trust with experience in this specific area. Recognizing God’s subtle, gentle voice was mysterious for me at times and almost frustrating until the Lord used someone to “settle it” once and for all for me.

I’ve heard testimonies from people as I’m sure you have, who have heard God’s audible voice at times, but that has never happened to me yet. However, I am totally open to it and will receive it if He chooses to speak to me that way.

Many years ago God used a precious spirit-filled woman to settle this issue for me. She was explaining that the voice of God’s Holy Spirit will never contradict His word or His principles of truth.

As a matter of fact, John 16:13 says that the Holy Spirit will not speak on His own authority. The implication is that the Holy Spirit will only speak what He hears coming from the Father and/or the Son. This is a fail-safe mechanism against heresy and deception, but we must be sensitive and our motives must be pure. In order to His voice, we MUST know the Word so that we can tell the difference between truth and lies from the enemy when they come. And make no mistake, they will come.

The lady I mentioned above said that God’s voice “sounds like your voice” in your spirit. He could speak with the voice of thunder or with the voice of many waters as Revelation 14:2 describes. But most of the time, my personal experience is that He “sounds like” my voice and it’s very quiet and peaceful.

I believe that is so because He lives in my human spirit. His thoughts and promptings are translated into thoughts or impressions of emotion, even mental pictures at times that line up with my personality, my mannerisms and the way I’m wired down to the core values and desires of my heart.

To date, when I’ve measured what I’m hearing against God’s word, if it lines up with His word and I obey what I’ve heard, there is always peace that accompanies and good results always follow. If what I hear does not line up with God’s word, I know it’s not Him and I will not follow it.

This is another example of how critically important it is to know God’s word well. Then you will not be deceived and led in the wrong direction.

I pray very sincerely that this article will bless you, encourage you, and challenge you to develop a more sensitive ear to the Holy Spirit and a hearing ear that can detect the slightest whisper and the faintest rustling of Holy Spirit’s wind.

Serving You Truth,




Divine Frustration

Can you remember a time when you wanted to accomplish something so much, something you believe was a sincere passion of your heart?! You believed at a gut-level that the achievement of this thing or experience would not only make you a better person, it would potentially allow you to provide better for yourself and your family, and it would also allow you to serve others and make their lives much easier?

Have you experienced the emotion of frustration as a result of not being able to pursue a particular goal that you really believed was possible? Something that you could “actually see” with the eye of faith and you knew it was right in your heart to pursue?

Webster’s defines the word frustration in several interesting ways.

  1. A feeling of anger or annoyance caused by being unable to do something.
  2. The act of preventing the success of something.
  3. A deep chronic sense or state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs and dreams (emphasis mine).

Pay Attention to Frustration

In situations where relational conflicts are involved, or issues that may cause anxiety and fear to come to the surface etc, it’s very beneficial to have enough self-discipline to keep your emotions reigned in.

There are other emotions (while still keeping them in check) that we should pay particular attention to such as anger or frustration. Emotions were given to us at birth to be able to enjoy the pleasant aspects of life, warn of us of danger, and so on. On the flip side, negative emotions can be and are great teachers if we know enough to pay attention to them.

As I mentioned earlier, the emotion of frustration lets us know when something specific is wrong. If you’ve been trying to succeed at something for an extended period of time, chances are that you’ve already experienced the emotion of frustration, or will very soon.

Let Frustration Be Your Compass

Frustration can be a great tool for determining direction in life, or specifically a career, much like a compass directs a hiker or outdoors man when he’s in unfamiliar territory.

For example: you may be in a particular position with an organization and you’re very efficient and productive at what you do. And, the company takes good care of you and provides excellent benefits for you and your family. If you are, that’s great! But being comfortable and secure is highly overrated.

Are you truly happy and fulfilled? Do you believe you’re following the passion of your heart? Do you feel like your natural gifts and talents are being utilized in the best possible way? If not, how does that make you feel? Frustrated perhaps?!!

That can be a good thing if you know in your heart you’re giving that company your very best every day when you come to work. If not, then you may need to check your heart or your attitude.

Psalms 37:4 in the Amplified Bible says: Delight yourself also in the Lord and He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart. The word “delight” here means to keep your heart soft, pliable, and teachable. When you do that consistently, God will plant His desires in your heart that will perfectly fit the gifts and talents He’s given you at birth. And you can be sure that those desires will bring maximum contentment and fulfillment.

Psalms 37:5 in the same translation says, Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him and He will bring it to pass (amplification excluded).

You’ll Never Be Happy Until…

…you’re pursuing what you were created for.

If you’re gifted in a particular way that you have not pursued yet, but you know what your gifts are, then you need to make some specific effort toward recognizing, developing, and exercising those gifts.

It may not be something that will eventually turn into a career for you; but it just might be! It could be something as simple as creating an object with your hands that can be turned into a gift or service that would bring someone great comfort, joy, and blessing to someone. It could be that you have an usual and canny ability to fix things like cars, people’s houses, or any number of things.

However, it’s very possible that someone reading this article has a particular gift or talent that could be in an infant stage just waiting to be birthed. When that happens, it could mature into a creative, cutting-edge idea for a product or service oriented company that could potentially employ dozens or hundreds of people that would make this world a better place.

Regardless of what your gift or talent is, the world around you and the people around you need what you have and who you are. You see, regardless of what you believe, there is an “all-wise” creator of human beings and He has gifted every person on the face of the earth with particular gifts and talents. And those gifts will, and do reflect glory and honor back to Him first of all.

And secondly, many people’s gifts and talents can be, have been, and are being sharpened, honed, and developed into careers that make the possessor of that gift immensely happy, content, fulfilled, and prosperous when they discover what they’ve been created for.

Don’t stay frustrated! Let it challenge you to find out who you and what you were created for. And don’t buy into the lie that you are too old, too young, too uneducated, or too anything. Where there is the will, there is a way.

Exposing Satan’s M.O. (Method of Operation)

If you’re a Christian, I believe this post could potentially provide some much-needed “revelation” that you may have been searching for.

If you’ve been alive for even a handful of years, you’ve probably had your share or perhaps more than your share of life’s disappointments. ­­­­­

Am I right? ­­­­

The times we’re living in offer us a continuous supply of difficult and sometimes overwhelming challenges to face and overcome. And some seem to be insurmountable and unending at times.

Don’t they?

Whether you realize it or not, some of those “challenges” you’ve been experiencing may not have been the normal, everyday challenges that come with life.

They could have been a specific strategy of your enemy, satan, sent out against you to get you off course so that you cannot fulfill the purpose God has planned for you.

They could have been sent to distract you, frustrate you, get you to question God in some way or for a host of other reasons. But you can be assured of this one thing, nothing from the devil is ever good!

Your Enemy’s Primary Purpose

I titled this post as I did, because, while we as Christians never want to become devil conscious, it’s equally foolish to ignore the truth that we have a very real enemy that comes only to steal, kill and destroy (see John 10:10).

According to a study done by the Barna Group in April of 2009, 40% of Christians polled at that time did not believe there is a “literal devil” or satan.  And polls have shown that those who do agree he is real, don’t really see him as a legitimate threat. They think he’s more like an evil Halloween character or symbol.

It goes without saying, that considering the present spiritual and moral state of this nation, that percentage above has probably increased. And that is why so many people are being deceived at an alarming rate.

To be ignorant of your enemy in the natural or spiritual realm is very foolish! Make no mistake, satan is persistent, cunning, knowledgeable and focused on your demise in any way he can accomplish it.

However, this post is in no way intended to imply that we are without hope or that somehow satan and his minions have gotten the upper hand with God.


One breath from God and satan is ashes!

What am I hoping to do in this post is two-fold.

  1. Expose the enemy’s attacks in your life.
  2. And, by doing so, offer you hope to ward off future attacks.

Are You Under Attack?

If you’re a Christian and truly love God with your whole heart and want to serve Him, you have a spiritual enemy who is fully intent on distracting you by any means necessary so that you can’t fulfill your God-given purpose.

Do not be misled into thinking that you must be a pastor, a missionary, or hold some other role of spiritual leadership to qualify for an attack from your enemy.

If you’ve done anything for God’s kingdom with the right heart, you’ve no doubt experienced the resistance of satan or one of his demons at one time or another.

What I want to focus on now are the different manifestations or things that can occur in your life, letting you know that you may be under attack from your enemy.

How He Attacks Us

I’m sure there are many ways we experience spiritual attacks of satan that we are probably not aware of yet. But I’m going to target eight specific ones that I have been experiencing in my personal life and am in the process of resisting and overcoming with the help of Holy Spirit.

  1. Lack of spiritual passion: the enemy simply distracts you with other worldly interests or negative, difficult circumstances, or painful physical issues for long periods of time until it seems to neutralize your will to resist him. He simply steals your tenacity and righteous anger against sin.
  2. Frustration: you began to get frustrated easily with daily responsibilities that you normally perform effortlessly, even to the point of becoming anxious and agitated.
  3. Confusion about your purpose: long-term spiritual attacks bring confusion about your God-given purpose and destiny. And you began to be more susceptible to doubt and double-mindedness.
  4. You begin losing Holy Spirit peace: The enemy bombards you with temptations, cares, mental fatigue and exhaustion. This can ultimately rob your peace that passes all understanding.
  5. Unusually tired and sluggish: This can be physical, but many times it is spiritual because our bodies, minds and spirits are so closely woven together.
  6. Strong urge to quit your assignment: Once again, long-term attacks can really wear on you mentally, physically and spiritually. The devil hates for us to pursue God’s purpose for our lives, then he can be successful in bringing disappointment and more frustration to us.
  7. Drawn back to old bondages ( a big one): Long spiritual battles can wear you down to the point where your will becomes so neutralized that it becomes extremely difficult to resist temptations to bondages you used to be involved in but were completely delivered from.
  8. It’s critically important with this step that you have an accountability partner “if” you’ve had a previous problem with a stronghold or addiction.
  9. Your enemy would love to pull you back in so that he can put guilt and condemnation on you.
  10. And lastly, you begin to question a “once clear call: after a serious long-standing battle, your enemy has much greater success in presenting “valid reasons” for you to just give up and throw in the towel. You seriously question your direction, purpose and assignment that once was “crystal clear” to you. It woke you up in the morning, accompanied you through the day and went to bed with you at night. The promise “had” you.
  11. You now question very legitimate and accurate prophetic words that were spoken over you at one time.
  12. And if the attack is serious enough, you may even begin to contemplate sinful acts that you used to engage in, and now ignore the serious nature of.

Keys to Freedom

  1. Renew your mind with God’s word: keep reading and studying the bible to be able the hear Holy Spirit’s voice clearly. Ask God for wisdom and direction for His strategy to victory for you.
  2. Breakthrough to victory by faith: Heb. 11:1 says faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen. In Eph. 6:16, The Passion Translation says, “In every battle, take faith as your wrap-around shield, for it is able to extinguish the blazing arrows coming at you from the Evil One.”
  3. Breakthrough by prayer and fasting: In Mark 9:29, Jesus told his disciples that the kind of demon they encountered in the epileptic boy was only driven out by prayer and fasting. Jesus lived a lifestyle of fasting and it showed. Some attacks will only be overcome by prayer and fasting. It purifies our heart and crucifies our flesh, making us much more dependent on God.
  4. Breakthrough with resistance: The bibles says in James 4:7 to submit yourself to God, resist the devil, and he WILL flee. It may not be immediately, but God’s word is true and will not return void, it will come to pass as He has declared it will.
  5. And lastly, sharpen your discernment: Memorize and meditate on Hebrews 5:14. But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil (NKJV).

You can grow in spiritual discernment to the point that you can actually use your physical and spiritual senses to detect smells, temperature and other things in the spiritual atmosphere. God made us that way so that He can always lead us in triumph.


Disclaimer: I listed eight types of attacks, but the formatting did not allow me to put them in numerical order so I bolded them instead.


Serving You Truth,






A Spirit of Excellence!

Dreams come to pass ONLY through persistence, determination, believing, acting upon, stretching and not giving up! If you desire MUCH, naturally MUCH is required of you.

This will not be an “overnight” sensational thing. This is about involving My kingdom in your thinking, behaving, your finances, your desires, your secret passions, the fulfillment of your dreams, your service to Me and your family and more.

It’s about renewing your mind to the truth that I am ALWAYS watching you because EVERYTHING is kingdom related. Why? Because you’re My child and your destiny is My kingdom domain for all eternity.

I expect much from My children and rightly so because all of you are indwelt with a “Spirit of Excellence.” The world actually knows very little about excellence. Many of the wealthy operate in and demand excellence in their lives, but it’s all surface and carnal. It’s not wrong, but it is surface and carnal, or human and fleshly.

True excellence can only come by way of My Spirit! I alone am the author of genuine excellence. And true heaven-born excellence can only be displayed properly by of one My children who have devoted themselves to the study, understanding and operation of this rare commodity called excellence.

You have many examples in the Old Testament and the new of men and women who operated with a Spirit of Excellence and they were placed in high positions of rule and authority by the kings and leaders of their day and they changed history for thousands of years.

Excellence is not an attitude of superiority, striving for perfection or looking down upon those who are less than you or have less than you. Excellence is simply having a heart’s desire to do the very best you have with what you’ve been given and knowing that you are accountable to Me and those in authority over you.

Excellence can and should be displayed in all you do, regardless of your position in life. It should be properly exhibited regardless of your financial status, your vocational position and level of authority in the work place, at home, or wherever you’re called to serve, whether anyone is watching or not.

When excellence is displayed with the right attitude and the right motives, you will benefit greatly in the long run and those in your realm of influence will always benefit as well. When excellence—My kind of excellence—becomes habitual in your life, the potential for you being placed in a position of leadership is great, if that is not already the case.

True excellence in leadership never has thoughts of “itself only!” True excellence in leadership ALWAYS “comes over” the one under its care in order to protect and it ALWAYS comes under to under-gird, nurture, steward, and release that person’s specific gift, talent and potential, even if that person under their leadership becomes greater in life than they are.

When leaders fully understand this biblical concept, not only will they succeed in all areas of their life but everyone under their authority will succeed within the boundaries and callings that I alone have established for them before time began.

Strive for excellence in all that you do and you will NEVER come to the end of your days having regrets.

Not everyone in this life will succeed at the same level because I have many different purposes for My creation that yet need to be accomplished. But it is My desire that every human being on the earth be allowed to understand, live by, and experience the rich rewards of living a life of excellence.

It is possible for everyone, but it is your choice.

Serving You Truth,




Guarding Your Gates  

heavens-closed-ornate-gates-set-to-heaven-under-ethereal-light-cloudy-afterlife-34470455What came to your mind first when you read this title?

Perhaps you thought of protection for your family. Maybe you thought of something else like protecting your personal property or even your financial future. I’m sure some of you probably thought about your personal health or thought life. Any of those could have applied and certainly all of them are worthy of protection at different levels and different times.

However, what I’m talking about in this specific context is guarding your gates spiritually.

We are living in an incredibly evil time and if you haven’t noticed it you need to be aware because you and/or your family are in serious danger. I am not a proponent or promoter of fear. I hate it because the bible says fear is an evil spirit and it does not come from God.

Be Alert Spiritually

 I’m keenly aware of the day and age in which we’re living and I’m equally aware that many people don’t even believe that there is a devil, per se. Unfortunately, a recent poll taken by The Barna Group, a Christian polling firm in California, discovered that 60% of American Christians who were polled do not believe there is a devil or satan.

The bible says, “Keep your mind clear, and be alert. Your opponent the devil is prowling like a roaring lion as he looks for someone to devour” (GW translation). Satan has been around since before time began, he’s very sly and cunning and has many ways to deceive you. His ultimate goal is complete destruction of God’s creation.

However, he is invisible, very real and very intent on hurting you. If you’re not a Christian you have no ability to fight against him spiritually. You have no weapons against him. And if you’re a baby Christian you need to go to school fast and learn who you are in Christ, learn your authority over him and learn what weapons are yours.

We Don’t Have to Fear

 Once again, I want to be crystal clear. I am not promoting fear or any perverted idea that satan is bigger or more powerful than God. He’s not even equal to God in any area. He is so far below God’s strength, power and ability, that in comparison, he would be like a flea on an elephant’s butt.

God tells us in Luke 10:19, that if you’re a Christian, He has given us authority and power over satan and all his hosts, tricks, schemes or any other evil thing that will come against us. God never intended for us to be defeated by the same evil adversary that His precious Son defeated on the Cross of Calvary. Why would God let His son die a horrible, excruciating death to defeat every spiritual enemy of His chosen creation, then tell His son to give us His authority and expect us to be defeated by that same enemy. It’s not logical.

However, if we don’t use our authority against the devil, which is the word of God coming out of our mouths, meditating on the word, private and corporate worship, prayer, etc. we will become a meal for our enemies.

Born for These Days

 As I mentioned earlier we are living in very evil times. That should not be a surprise because Jesus told about this all through the gospels. And then other writers picked up on the same inspiration of the Holy Spirit in other books of the bible as well.

Jesus believed so much in who His Holy Spirit is in us that He knew He could trust us to live in these days. Acts 17:26 in the AMP version says, “And He made from one [common origin, one source, one blood] all nations of men to settle on the face of the earth, having definitely determined [their] allotted periods of time and the fixed boundaries of their habitation (their settlements, lands, and abodes).”

Many people don’t know Jesus, that’s why we must keep out hearts and lives pure and use different opportunities to “be Jesus” to people. That’s why I’m writing this tonight, because I care about you and others I don’t know yet. When you “feel” a particularly strong sense of compassion for someone, follow it. That’s the Holy Spirit highlighting that person “for you” and His anointing is on you for that particular contact. Jesus loves them.

He is Coming Very Soon

 Many of us have been expecting Jesus to come back for His church for decades. However the bible says that not even the Son of God knows that time, only the Father (see Mark 13:32). But it does say when you see the things happening that are happening on the earth today to…look up, your redemption (Jesus’ coming) draws nigh or close (Lu. 21:28).

We must keep our hearts pure and our minds clutter free of the things that will dull our spiritual perception so that we can sense the activity of the Holy Spirit…as well as the work of the evil one. You don’t want to be caught sleeping. Satan is much like a lion, he will sneak up on you while you’re asleep and then it’s too late.

If you don’t know Jesus as Savior and as Lord of your life, let Him in today. Many religious traditions suggest or imply that you need to clean yourself up to get ready for Jesus to accept you but that is a lie!! You can’t clean yourself up spiritually, only Jesus can. He is the way, the truth and the life. And when you meet Him who is the truth, His truth will make you free.

Contrary to many bible teachers who say different kinds of sin will send you to hell, that’s not correct. The bible says there is only one sin that will send you to hell or condemn you. That sin is not believing in the name of the only Son of God, Jesus Christ (John 3:17-18).

Simply say, “Jesus, I need you, I cannot make myself presentable enough for you. Please forgive me for not accepting You as Lord of my life and come into my heart. If you really mean it at a heart level He’ll be there before you end your prayer.

Please do this, do not blow this off. Things are going to get progressively darker but we can walk in light with clear bold and confident direction and when Jesus comes we’re outta here in a millisecond.

Serving You Truth,



I intentionally refused to capitalize satan’s name for the expressed purpose of dishonoring him.