A Spirit of Excellence!

Dreams come to pass ONLY through persistence, determination, believing, acting upon, stretching and not giving up! If you desire MUCH, naturally MUCH is required of you.

This will not be an “overnight” sensational thing. This is about involving My kingdom in your thinking, behaving, your finances, your desires, your secret passions, the fulfillment of your dreams, your service to Me and your family and more.

It’s about renewing your mind to the truth that I am ALWAYS watching you because EVERYTHING is kingdom related. Why? Because you’re My child and your destiny is My kingdom domain for all eternity.

I expect much from My children and rightly so because all of you are indwelt with a “Spirit of Excellence.” The world actually knows very little about excellence. Many of the wealthy operate in and demand excellence in their lives, but it’s all surface and carnal. It’s not wrong, but it is surface and carnal, or human and fleshly.

True excellence can only come by way of My Spirit! I alone am the author of genuine excellence. And true heaven-born excellence can only be displayed properly by of one My children who have devoted themselves to the study, understanding and operation of this rare commodity called excellence.

You have many examples in the Old Testament and the new of men and women who operated with a Spirit of Excellence and they were placed in high positions of rule and authority by the kings and leaders of their day and they changed history for thousands of years.

Excellence is not an attitude of superiority, striving for perfection or looking down upon those who are less than you or have less than you. Excellence is simply having a heart’s desire to do the very best you have with what you’ve been given and knowing that you are accountable to Me and those in authority over you.

Excellence can and should be displayed in all you do, regardless of your position in life. It should be properly exhibited regardless of your financial status, your vocational position and level of authority in the work place, at home, or wherever you’re called to serve, whether anyone is watching or not.

When excellence is displayed with the right attitude and the right motives, you will benefit greatly in the long run and those in your realm of influence will always benefit as well. When excellence—My kind of excellence—becomes habitual in your life, the potential for you being placed in a position of leadership is great, if that is not already the case.

True excellence in leadership never has thoughts of “itself only!” True excellence in leadership ALWAYS “comes over” the one under its care in order to protect and it ALWAYS comes under to under-gird, nurture, steward, and release that person’s specific gift, talent and potential, even if that person under their leadership becomes greater in life than they are.

When leaders fully understand this biblical concept, not only will they succeed in all areas of their life but everyone under their authority will succeed within the boundaries and callings that I alone have established for them before time began.

Strive for excellence in all that you do and you will NEVER come to the end of your days having regrets.

Not everyone in this life will succeed at the same level because I have many different purposes for My creation that yet need to be accomplished. But it is My desire that every human being on the earth be allowed to understand, live by, and experience the rich rewards of living a life of excellence.

It is possible for everyone, but it is your choice.

Serving You Truth,




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