Guarding Your Gates  

heavens-closed-ornate-gates-set-to-heaven-under-ethereal-light-cloudy-afterlife-34470455What came to your mind first when you read this title?

Perhaps you thought of protection for your family. Maybe you thought of something else like protecting your personal property or even your financial future. I’m sure some of you probably thought about your personal health or thought life. Any of those could have applied and certainly all of them are worthy of protection at different levels and different times.

However, what I’m talking about in this specific context is guarding your gates spiritually.

We are living in an incredibly evil time and if you haven’t noticed it you need to be aware because you and/or your family are in serious danger. I am not a proponent or promoter of fear. I hate it because the bible says fear is an evil spirit and it does not come from God.

Be Alert Spiritually

 I’m keenly aware of the day and age in which we’re living and I’m equally aware that many people don’t even believe that there is a devil, per se. Unfortunately, a recent poll taken by The Barna Group, a Christian polling firm in California, discovered that 60% of American Christians who were polled do not believe there is a devil or satan.

The bible says, “Keep your mind clear, and be alert. Your opponent the devil is prowling like a roaring lion as he looks for someone to devour” (GW translation). Satan has been around since before time began, he’s very sly and cunning and has many ways to deceive you. His ultimate goal is complete destruction of God’s creation.

However, he is invisible, very real and very intent on hurting you. If you’re not a Christian you have no ability to fight against him spiritually. You have no weapons against him. And if you’re a baby Christian you need to go to school fast and learn who you are in Christ, learn your authority over him and learn what weapons are yours.

We Don’t Have to Fear

 Once again, I want to be crystal clear. I am not promoting fear or any perverted idea that satan is bigger or more powerful than God. He’s not even equal to God in any area. He is so far below God’s strength, power and ability, that in comparison, he would be like a flea on an elephant’s butt.

God tells us in Luke 10:19, that if you’re a Christian, He has given us authority and power over satan and all his hosts, tricks, schemes or any other evil thing that will come against us. God never intended for us to be defeated by the same evil adversary that His precious Son defeated on the Cross of Calvary. Why would God let His son die a horrible, excruciating death to defeat every spiritual enemy of His chosen creation, then tell His son to give us His authority and expect us to be defeated by that same enemy. It’s not logical.

However, if we don’t use our authority against the devil, which is the word of God coming out of our mouths, meditating on the word, private and corporate worship, prayer, etc. we will become a meal for our enemies.

Born for These Days

 As I mentioned earlier we are living in very evil times. That should not be a surprise because Jesus told about this all through the gospels. And then other writers picked up on the same inspiration of the Holy Spirit in other books of the bible as well.

Jesus believed so much in who His Holy Spirit is in us that He knew He could trust us to live in these days. Acts 17:26 in the AMP version says, “And He made from one [common origin, one source, one blood] all nations of men to settle on the face of the earth, having definitely determined [their] allotted periods of time and the fixed boundaries of their habitation (their settlements, lands, and abodes).”

Many people don’t know Jesus, that’s why we must keep out hearts and lives pure and use different opportunities to “be Jesus” to people. That’s why I’m writing this tonight, because I care about you and others I don’t know yet. When you “feel” a particularly strong sense of compassion for someone, follow it. That’s the Holy Spirit highlighting that person “for you” and His anointing is on you for that particular contact. Jesus loves them.

He is Coming Very Soon

 Many of us have been expecting Jesus to come back for His church for decades. However the bible says that not even the Son of God knows that time, only the Father (see Mark 13:32). But it does say when you see the things happening that are happening on the earth today to…look up, your redemption (Jesus’ coming) draws nigh or close (Lu. 21:28).

We must keep our hearts pure and our minds clutter free of the things that will dull our spiritual perception so that we can sense the activity of the Holy Spirit…as well as the work of the evil one. You don’t want to be caught sleeping. Satan is much like a lion, he will sneak up on you while you’re asleep and then it’s too late.

If you don’t know Jesus as Savior and as Lord of your life, let Him in today. Many religious traditions suggest or imply that you need to clean yourself up to get ready for Jesus to accept you but that is a lie!! You can’t clean yourself up spiritually, only Jesus can. He is the way, the truth and the life. And when you meet Him who is the truth, His truth will make you free.

Contrary to many bible teachers who say different kinds of sin will send you to hell, that’s not correct. The bible says there is only one sin that will send you to hell or condemn you. That sin is not believing in the name of the only Son of God, Jesus Christ (John 3:17-18).

Simply say, “Jesus, I need you, I cannot make myself presentable enough for you. Please forgive me for not accepting You as Lord of my life and come into my heart. If you really mean it at a heart level He’ll be there before you end your prayer.

Please do this, do not blow this off. Things are going to get progressively darker but we can walk in light with clear bold and confident direction and when Jesus comes we’re outta here in a millisecond.

Serving You Truth,



I intentionally refused to capitalize satan’s name for the expressed purpose of dishonoring him.