Dreaming God’s Dreams (for you)

Do you have things in your heart that you want to see come to pass, but you don’t feel like sharing them with anyone at times because they either seem unreasonable or they actually scare you because you know it’s going to require you to step outside your comfort zone in a big way. Sort of like getting out of a boat in the middle of the ocean and trying to walk on water.

Have you ever wondered where those dreams and deepest desires originate? I’m talking about the deep desires of your heart to be or do something significant that will positively affect your life and those around you and make their lives better somehow.

God Gave Them to You

He gave you dreams so that He could be the one fulfilling them through you for the ultimate purpose of drawing others to Himself, and showing them His goodness.

God has no intention of placing desires in His children’s hearts and then frustrating them by never allowing their dreams to come to pass in their lifetime. That would be child abuse. But neither does God want us to take those desires that He’s given us and try to fulfill them through our own limited human intellect and abilities apart from His personal involvement.

We Need Him

When we take what God has given us in the form of dreams for our future and then run with them totally on our own—not stopping to take advice from Him—the success of that project or dream is severely handicapped and limited at best. It may actually appear very successful from the world’s perspective.

But many times without the knowledge of its possessor, that thing that was originally a dream conceived in the realms of heaven, materializes as nothing more than a short-lived corruptible monument to man. Sometimes it begins deteriorating almost as quickly as it started…in light of eternity which has no limits, no boundaries, and no end.

If you prefer to be involved in something lasting, something eternal, and something blessed by God’s own hand, then follow the desires in your heart that you know He has placed there.

Lay it Down for a Season

There must always be a time when your dream or desire is tested for its motives and validity. The test comes through the passing of time with little proof of its fulfillment, or through a variety of other seemingly unrelated experiences that have nothing to do with making your dream happen.

Occasionally, although very painful, the dream may have to be laid aside or put on the shelf for a season in order to thoroughly test and purify your motives.

I’ve done this one personally many times. I’ve had a dream in my heart for forty-three years this year of 2015. And while the intensity of it has subsided a bit, the reality of its presence is no less obvious than it was more than forty years ago when I graduated from high school. And, I believe the fulfillment of it is on the horizon.

In the process of waiting, God is making you fit and ready for what He has prepared for you up ahead. He’s developing character, perseverance, faith, tenacity, and other valuable qualities inside you as a person. You will need these traits before you get to your dream because they will allow to you bear up under the weight of not only the responsibility of your dream, but the blessings that come along with it which could destroy if you don’t have the character necessary.

Joyce Meyer has a great quote in this regard. She says, “Your gifts can take you where your character cannot keep you.” This is worth meditating on.

In this “entitlement generation” that we’re living in today, so many people, regardless of age, think the world, the government, corporations, and so on owe them something just because they have a diploma, or a degree, position, money, influence, or whatever. Unfortunately, many don’t have the character necessary to treat their peers with respect when they’re given high paid positions of authority, responsibility, and honor. You can never demand respect; it must be earned.

A Final Important Test

When you choose not to pick up your dream once you have laid it down, but it remains in your heart and affects your thoughts, your emotions, your conversation, you wake up with it and you go to bed with it, the chances are very good that it’s from God.

But I believe the bible shows us that there is one final thing that probably should happen to validate whether or not God is authorizing or promoting your dream.

If we’re honest with ourselves and with God, we should be able to admit that we need Him each step of the way if this dream is going to succeed. And there’s no better way than to hear His voice on the matter.

We as children of God need to invest quality time in developing the sensitivity of our hearts to the voice of the Holy Spirit who always speaks to us what He hears the Father saying to Him (see John 16:13). We can do this by reading and meditating on His word, taking the time to talk to Him and letting Him talk to us, worshiping him in private, and sometimes just sitting quietly and soaking in His presence with an expectant attitude of heart.

The most comforting and reassuring way for me to know that God is OK with me pursuing a particular dream is when I receive clear words of confirmation about that desire from the Holy Spirit in God’s word. Secondly, is to have confirmation come through the mouth and heart of a trusted family member, friend, or spiritual leader that I know, and you know is walking in close relationship with the Lord.

God used this method repeatedly throughout the Old Testament scriptures in the lives of men like Abraham, Daniel, Elijah, Ezekiel and many other prophets who had God encounters in the night seasons with dreams or angelic appearances. He also continued using this method throughout the New Testament in the lives of many like Peter, Paul, and many others. And He is still doing it today!

Many times dreams were validated by a word of confirmation—a prophetic word—that would bring further important detailed words of instruction so that their plans and desires would be accomplished successfully.

This is how I know the dream that I’ve been waiting on for over forty years is going to happen in the future. I’ve had many words of confirmation from trusted individuals and I know God is faithful to watch over and perform the words and plans that He has put into action over our lives (see Jeremiah 1:12).

God Wants You to Succeed

Does God really want to see my dreams to fulfilled? Absolutely! Will He only allow my dreams to be fulfilled if they are spiritual in nature? No!

Look at this scripture, I love it in the Amplified Bible. Proverbs 16:3: Roll your works upon the Lord [commit and trust them wholly to Him; He will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will, and] so shall your plans be established and succeed. 

Psa. 37:4-5 are companion scriptures to this one. God said that if we delight ourselves in Him, He will give us those desires (they’ll come to pass) of our hearts. If we just trust in Him, He will bring them to pass. God is so good, He’s not holding anything back from us. But He won’t give us a bunch of stuff if it’s only going to make us more selfish than we already are.

We need to obliterate the religious idea that God only blesses dreams that involve spiritual activities.

Listen to this quote by Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Chapel in Redding, CA. “Religion implies that only overtly spiritual activities are acceptable as service to God and that anything that doesn’t have to do with Bible reading, witnessing, church attendance, etc. is not true Christian service. Religion takes us back to the concept of spiritual and secular parts of the Christian life. The person living this dual life needs a list of priorities to survive; otherwise, they will not take care of the matters of importance. Their concept of God doesn’t allow them to actually have a passion for something that is not viewed as a Christian discipline.”

Every good and every perfect gift comes down from God, the Father of lights in whom there is no shadow of turning (Ja. 1:17). In other words, He’s just waiting for you to believe that He really is good and He wants to bless you with the fulfillment of the dreams He gives you. But more than that, He wants an intimate relationship with you, like a Father with His daughter or son. However, you must come to Him through His son and admit that you need Him.

God is the source of all beauty in art in all its expressive forms, as well as beautiful craftsmanship. He is the source of all wisdom, knowledge and intelligence in the business community as well as the products and services created. He is the source of all ingenuity in technology, communication and so on.

He wants to be intimately involved in everything about you. He wants you to succeed in the fulfillment of your dreams so that others are drawn to His love, His beauty, and His excellence that is being released in and through you, simply because those divinely conceived destinies are now coming to pass in your life.

Serving You Truth,


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