Doctrines of Demons

So many “so-called” spiritual teachers and leaders today are “still” taking My words that “are” Spirit & Life (see Jn. 6:63) and “spiritualizing them” and they’re dumbing them down and making them impotent and void of power to bring authentic physical, spiritual and moral transformation in the lives of those they “are” responsible for before Me.

When they do this, they have taken My word that was intended to bring “real life” to broken bodies and souls and they turn My rhema word into “doctrines of demons”. When this happens, the influence of whichever kingdom is motivating the message is the manifestation that most certainly will occur.

If you always “spiritualize” my word about healing, deliverance, and salvation and turn it into a message about spiritual growth only because you don’t believe in healing and don’t know how to minister it to others, you teach people that My gospel is only good to become another source of intellectualism and humanism.

Serving You Truth,