Full Surrender

I want to share something with anyone who has ever dealt with the fear of “full surrender” to God. I believe in my heart that the Lord gave this to me and I’m sure it will help one honest person who is willing to admit that surrendering all to God can be scary sometimes.

This is what the Lord shared with me last May.

“Full surrender to Me is not My expectation of you living at a level of perfection in your walk with Me that is unattainable. That would be unjust and unfair of Me to expect that of you.

It simply means surrendering to me daily, sometimes hourly. When you fall down, don’t just stay there and roll around in the dirt. Get up and move forward (see Prov. 24:16). Pull out your sword and use it whenever necessary.

Do not allow the enemy to harass you mentally or emotionally. He has NO power against you and NEVER will UNLESS you agree with his lies. He has nothing to offer you, EVER, except lies and deception.

Even the most beautiful, tempting, tantalizing thing he has to offer you will ALWAYS lead to some type of death. Be it spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, financial or otherwise.”

Serving you truth,


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