Come Forward Unafraid!

When you think of God, what is the first thought that comes to mind? When you think of God as a Father or Creator or ruler of the universe, what do you think of?

Many of us will probably have an automatic response that may include the thought that God is love and that is certainly true. But how many of you had first thoughts that actually had something to do with God’s anger, displeasure or disgust toward you?

This is certainly not a new response when it comes to people’s perspective of God. Actually, this started back in Genesis when the law was put in place to show people their need of God. They had to offer sacrifices of all kinds on a regular basis to atone for their sin because it was approximately fourteen-hundred years prior to Jesus going to Calvary to atone for sins and absolve us all of guilt.

God gave Moses the Ten Commandments and then made it clear to the people that they were to live by them. He made it very easy for them to understand that choosing to follow His commandments would result in lives of peace, blessing, prosperity, victory over their enemies and a bright future for them and their children.

He also made it quite clear in Deuteronomy 28:15-68 what the consequences of disobedience and rebellion would be if they made that choice.

However as human nature would dictate, the Israelite’s carnal nature led them into rebellion and disobedience time and time again. This brought God’s judgment and displeasure and it actually caused fear in the hearts of God’s people. Due to their lack of understanding of His nature and purposes, it was the wrong kind of fear that they allowed to enter their hearts, just as it still is today. We are to fear God, but it is supposed to be a reverent fear. God deserves our respect and obedience, not because He’s on some kind of a perverted “power trip” but because He loves us very much and has good plans for each of us.

God Is Not Mad at You

It is my personal conviction that you cannot truly believe God is mad at you or even just slightly ticked off at you if you have a personal revelation of what happened on the cross (see Isa. 53). Neither can you adopt this kind of thinking if you have an reasonable good understanding of His nature that was manifested in His Son Jesus.

I believe people may arrive at this conclusion because they still do not understand the concept of grace. More than likely, they are still operating with the mentality of a legalistic, law-oriented perspective of a God that is just waiting for them to step out of line. It could also be that they simply have not studied God’s word enough on their own to allow the Holy Spirit to provide them with a personal encounter of who He really is! God genuinely loves you and has totally and forever forgiven you of all sin, past, present and future.

God made a way for every human being on the face of this earth from the beginning of time until the end of time to be accepted and loved by Him for all eternity. John 3:17 says that God did not send His son into the world to condemn them but to save them. The word save in that verse means to save, heal, and restore the entire person; spirit, soul and body.

However, there is a responsibility each person must take because John 3:18 says that he who chooses not to believe is condemned already. God doesn’t condemn you if you don’t believe in Him, you do it yourself. It’s a spiritual law with specific consequences that will last for eternity. There are spiritual laws in operation in the unseen realm just as there are natural laws of gravity, lift, heat, cold, etc.

Now, you may be saying, “I thought you said God wasn’t mad at me!” You’re right, He’s still not angry with you; Jesus took all His wrath on the cross. But when this age is over, all of us, and I do mean all of us are going to be held accountable for the decision we made about Jesus because He owns this planet and everything and everyone on it. His judgment will be fair, just, and FINAL!

His Kindness Extended

 God made us because He loved us from the beginning and wanted a creation to fellowship with. However, true love does not make someone love them back. If you’re a parent, or a son or daughter, I’m certain you understand this principle in relationships of responsibility and accountability for actions.

For those who belong to God through accepting Jesus as Lord, look at this wonderful promise in Isaiah 54:10 (NKJV). “For as I have sworn that the waters of Noah would no longer cover the earth, so have I sworn that I would not be angry with you, nor rebuke you. 10 For the mountains shall depart and the hills be removed, but My kindness shall not depart from you, nor shall My covenant of peace be removed, says the Lord, who has mercy on you.”

Did you get that? The mountains and hills will be removed before God is ever angry with us again. That’s why Jesus went to the cross, to appease God’s anger for sin against Him. And the second you receive Him into your heart, this wonderful promise is activated and enforced…forever!

Look at the words that I’ve underscored above. Those are important key words in that passage. When God swears an oath or covenant with someone, it’s taken care of forever. He will never go back on His word. He cannot lie, anything He’s ever spoken must come to pass (see Numbers 23:19 and Isa. 55:10-11).

Is There an Expiration Date on Grace?

Yes! When it comes to God’s mercy and grace, many people think that it will last forever. However, for those who choose not to believe in Him or pattern their lives after His instructions, there is a time coming in the future when they will be held accountable and this is strongly supported by scripture.

His mercy will last forever if you accept His son Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord. However, when God has made it SO easy to understand His invitation to accept His Son, He will not make exceptions for anyone to come in their own way. There are not many ways to heaven as the world and new age religions suggest.

John 14:6 says that Jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life”. You cannot enter through good works, or some family association with a church because of a relative. You can’t even come to Jesus because you happen to be religious, regardless of your definition of religion. You cannot come through being spiritually enlightened through some new age technique or any other false religious mantra, etc.

Nothing Else Will Be Accepted!

 There is only one way to come to the Father, and there has always been only one way; through Jesus Christ, God’s Son, who is the door. Romans 10:13 says, “All those who call on Me shall be saved.” Romans 10:9 says to confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead and you will be saved. God made it so simple for you to take possession of something that will last for all eternity; but it cost Jesus “everything” He could possibly offer. And this is just the beginning.

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit will move into your human spirit and take up permanent residence and you will never be the same. You get an immediate invitation into heaven and an eternal inheritance as a member of God’s family. You are adopted as His child and sealed by the Holy Spirit forever with the full down-payment or return coming to you when we go to heaven.

And there’s still more!

So you see, God really is NOT mad at you!

Even if you reject Him after reading this post, you’ll have no excuses and you won’t be able to blame God because He loved you to the end through His Son Jesus.

I’m sure that your reading of this post is not the first time the Holy Spirit has tried to get your attention. I am also certain if you reject Him this time, He will keep pursuing you with an intense and fierce love until the end. He will continue trying to get your attention because He paid such a high price for you and He doesn’t want to lose you. But, no one but God knows when you will have rejected His gentle drawing of your heart for the “very last time!” Please, don’t play spiritual Russian Roulette with God, you will lose!

Please choose Him today? It’s so easy!

Serving You Truth,



Prayers of Unbelief

When you pray, do you expect to have your prayers answered? Or do you just throw them out into space not really knowing if they’ll line up with God’s word?

I’ve heard many people that are seasoned Christians add, “If it be your will” to the end of their prayers before they say amen. If this kind of prayer is prayed about “any” situation where God’s will is clearly revealed in scripture, it’s an indication they really don’t know what His will is about a particular issue or they don’t believe and trust Him as they should..

This is what’s referred to as “prayers of unbelief”.

Knowing Him and What He Says

In order to answer the question above, you need to have a basic understanding of God’s nature and His will. Jesus said in John 14:9 that if you’ve seen Me, then you’ve seen the Father. In Hebrews 1:3, it says that Jesus is the expressed image of the Father. In other words, Jesus did on earth whatever the Father would have done had He been here bodily (see Jn. 5:19-21) and He always did the Father’s will.

Regarding prayer, 1 Jn. 5:14-15 AMPC, it says that we can have confidence in Him, knowing if we pray His will (or His word), that He’ll hear us, answer our prayers, and grant them to us as our present possessions. What a promise!

However, in order to pray His will, you have to first know His will, which is His written word. To know His will, you have to do more than just read the bible. You have to study it and meditate on it until it becomes a personal revelation to you or what is also called a “rhema word.”

In other words, God’s living word must become “part of you” at a cellular level until it is normal to have scripture coming to your mind and even out of your mouth every time you encounter a need or have to deal with some issue. God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit will never contradict the written word or “logos.” Neither will the Holy Spirit ever prompt you to act outside the boundaries of clearly stated principles in His word. But you do need to understand that God has no problem contradicting “our understanding” of His will when it’s incomplete or tainted in any way.

When We Don’t Know His Will

Obviously, it goes without saying that none of us on this planet knows all of God’s will for every situation in our lives or the lives of others. That would be ridiculous and dangerous to assume that.

When we don’t know His will in any matter we should rely on James 1:5-8. It says when we lack wisdom in a matter to ask God because He gives wisdom to all men liberally without faultfinding, but we must ask in faith. If we don’t ask in faith, we should not expect to receive from Him.

In addition to this, not knowing God’s will about important situations we face daily, puts us in a precarious place spiritually. Satan is a real spiritual entity and make no mistake, he is waiting for the best opportunity to kill, steal and destroy from us and our loved ones. The less we know about God’s nature and His word, the easier it is for our enemy to sneak up on us and have his way.

Knowing His Will Eliminates Unbelieving Prayers

2 Timothy 2:15 says to study to show ourselves approved to God, a worker that needs not to be ashamed and able to rightly divide the word of truth. Even mature Christians that have been in the word for years should be able to admit they’ll never know it all (see 1 Cor. 13;9-10).

However, with disciplined effort and time spent in God’s word on regular basis, you should be able to know and understand many of the important doctrines and principles so that you can pray intelligently, accurately, and most important of all, with faith and expectation of an answer.

When you know His will concerning salvation, healing, deliverance, protection, practical life skills, etc, you shouldn’t have to say, “Father if it be thy will.”

In order to bring balance to this I must add something very important at this point. First of all, I do not think for a minute that I know it all about prayer or anything else for that matter. I’m still learning too. But I wanted to add when I, you, or anyone else doesn’t know God’s will about an issue because it’s not been clearly revealed in scripture; it’s perfectly fine to pray your request with “If it be your will!”

Our enemy, the devil, has to be pleased when people that have been Christians for years, even decades, still don’t know God’s word well enough to pray it with confidence and faith because it has not been important enough for them to make it a top priority.

Listen to What You’re Praying

One of the prayers I hear prayed the most often that really disturbs me is this one, “Father, just be with them”.

Well where else is He going to go?

Is He going to pull His Holy Spirit out of that person when He has promised in Mt. 28:28 and Hebrews 13:5 that He will never leave us, even to the ‘end’ of the age? Did He change His mind for some reason? Or is He going to break His promise to us in Ephesians 1:13 that says, “we were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise?” And what is He going to do about 2 Corinthians 1:22? He said He put His seal of ownership upon us as a down payment or deposit to guarantee the full promise of what is yet to come.

This probably sounds like I’m either being critical or hypocritical, not sure which. But I’m simply trying to challenge you to “think” about what you’re praying. God can only answer prayers that are either prayed according to His will or prayers where our hearts are hungry enough to hear His promptings about how to pray correctly when we’re not sure about a situation.

Sometimes, when we pray we may know His will about a situation but He cannot answer until we do our part that opens the door for Him to move in our behalf.The bottom line is this! You can trust Him and you can trust His word. But you can’t do either if you don’t know His word well enough that it makes you think about what you say when you pray.

Serving You Truth,



Are You Too Familiar?

I want to share something with you that I “know” will be beneficial to anyone who is in relationship with a human being at some time in your life. Whether you agree or not with what I’m about to say doesn’t matter to me, because I know beyond any shadow of doubt that its truth and that alone gives me confidence to share it.
I had a “personal revelation” today of how easy it is to think that I know more about a situation than I really do. In other words, I’m admitting that I was in pride and ignorance about something very, very important. I was discussing something with the most important person God has placed in my life…my wife. I thought a certain situation was one way when in fact it was totally opposite. But in my pride and totally uninformed opinion it was quite another; which the Lord was able to clearly show me after I got quiet enough to hear Him.
He showed me that we can get so familiar with people in our relationships at all levels that we can actually be treating them with less value, respect, and honor than they deserve and certainly less than God would expect us to show them.
There’s a quote I heard somewhere in the past and it goes like this, “familiarity breeds contempt”. That may be the extreme end of the spectrum, but catch it before it goes that far. In other words, when we get to familiar with those closest to us, we may stop treating them as good as we used to when we first got into relationship with them. And when it comes to husbands and wives, this is much more important for long-term happy marriages.
And to all you guys out there, I’ve probably completely violated one of the cardinal doctrines of being able to carry a man-card. But when it comes to our wives, we need to slow down, disconnect from our opinionated logic and really try to understand the hearts of our wives. I know I do! Mine is precious and I don’t deserve how good she is to me so many times; I’m serious. But thank God He gave her to me, I can’t imagine life without her; it just wouldn’t be the same.

The Divisive Cruelty of Religious Minds

Have you ever been in desperate need for some serious answers for your life, spiritual or otherwise? You went to someone you knew, someone you trusted because you thought they were a very “spiritual” person and would surely have the answers you needed. You may have said to yourself, “After all, this person goes to church all the time, they give their money to the church and they even keep the Ten Commandments and other rules.”

Instead of leaving with your need being met, you left with guilt, condemnation and possibly a feeling of worthlessness. You may have been told you had to clean up your act first. Or perhaps you were given a list of rules that had to be strictly adhered to first and then maybe; God would be willing to move on your behalf. You may even have been told to go somewhere else because you don’t belong our group.

As a result, you came away deeply wounded—turned off on religion and the church in general. Now you want nothing to do with any church or the religious hypocrites that go there.

Because of this experience you now look at all “so-called Christians” through a magnifying glass and your whole perspective on life is contaminated. I don’t blame you at all for feeling and thinking that way, I was there myself over thirty years ago.

The Exclusive Religious Order

In Mark 3:1-6, once again Jesus confronted the hateful, manipulative attitudes of the religious order (the Pharisees) of His day as He’d done many times before.

This particular passage describes a scene in the synagogue where Jesus noticed a man with a paralyzed hand. Verse two says that the Pharisees were watching Jesus closely to see if He would heal this man on the Sabbath.

In the Greek language of this scripture, closely means they were watching Him scrupulously. In other words, they were watching Jesus very intently for the expressed purpose of entrapping Him for “breaking their rules”. This attitude says so much about these men, as well as the evil spirit that operates behind and motivates most unbiblical religious acts, then and now.

In verse three in the NKJV of this passage, after Jesus spotted the man with the withered hand, He said, “Step forward.” This doesn’t mean just move ahead a little bit. Jesus called him out and away, from where he was sitting among the other men. He brought him into plain view on purpose “in front of” the very men who hated Him. Even if you don’t believe in Jesus or agree that He is God’s son, you have to admire and respect His courage, boldness, and fearlessness in the face of caustic and noxious religious hatred towards Him.

This is awesome because Jesus fully intended to offend their self-righteous, calloused minds to reveal the true condition of their hearts. And He will do that to us as well when necessary. However, He only does that because He is against anything that interferes with the unconditional love of God toward us.

These religious leaders could have cared less about this man with the withered hand that Jesus was about to heal. They were so full of themselves and their exalted opinions that they very like only had their minds on one thing. Jesus was not afraid of them nor was He going to be manipulated or controlled by them and they hated Him all the more for it.

Jesus said to the man, “stretch out your hand”, and when he did, it was immediately restored like new. Verse six says the Pharisees went out immediately and plotted how to destroy (kill) Jesus; and all because they could not put Jesus “in their little box!”

Influenced by the Demonic

The root of a religious spirit operating in someone is actually demonic in origin and its characteristics prove that to be true. Satan and his demon’s ultimate goal is to gain total control and manipulate their hosts at will, finally destroying an otherwise valuable life. This is why they try so hard not to be recognized and exposed. They work tirelessly to remain hidden through the use of lies and deception.

Many people under this influence probably don’t even realize it because it’s a very subtle, but effective type of deception. It makes people think their way of believing and walking out the bible in their denomination or particular persuasion is the only way it should be done. They may not ever admit to it intellectually or verbally, but it’s implied many times without their knowledge that this message is being sent.

Remember, Satan and his demons love to influence through coercion, manipulation, and control. And they will get their way if they go unrecognized…even in God’s house, especially in God’s house! I personally believe that their most valuable targets are God’s children, His leaders and His house, especially if they are damaging his kingdom already. After all, do you remember the temptation in the wilderness? Thank God Jesus knew how to use the written word.

Punished Into Purity…

In many churches today as in days gone by, there is still a misunderstanding of grace, which is also part of the nature of our heavenly Father.

I was raised in a very harsh, legalistic, religious environment where it was ok for people that were unbelievers to come to church just as they were. In other words, if they smoked, drank, did drugs, lived together unmarried or anything else, they were more than welcomed to attend as long they wanted to. However, if they decided to accept Jesus as Savior, be born again, or however you want to refer to it, then things needed to change immediately from the church’s perspective.

The church members in charge of helping new converts would immediately begin a process of telling these new Christians how they needed to cut their hair if they were guys with long hair, they needed to quit smoking, quit drinking, quit partying, quit living together unmarried, start wearing different clothes, change your style of music…and the list goes on and on.

That is NOT grace!

It’s just another manifestation of a religious spirit that is full of rules and works that have to be performed after the person comes to the Lord. Again, without the knowledge of the person or the leadership that this kind of spirit is operating in, what is actually being implied is that the power and grace of Jesus was not enough to complete what Jesus did at Calvary. In other words, when Jesus said on the cross, “It is finished,” He was lying.

The implication is that the person who desires to accept Jesus as Savior must clean-up on the outside first and fulfill a list of rules before he is accepted. That may be true in some particular churches, but it’s not true according to the desire of Father God’s heart. It’s actually a well-crafted lie from Satan himself.

They have not understood that they are trying to do the work that ONLY the precious Holy Spirit can do in the heart of an individual. Only God through the Holy Spirit can and will draw someone to Himself and reveal their need of Him. Only He can change the desires of their heart when they cooperate with Him. He is patient and willing to wait to start changing their outside…when and if He wants to. He may be OK with exactly how they look at the time.

If we’re not sensitive to the Lord in this matter, a new believer can be turned away from God permanently because we’re trying to play Holy Ghost Jr.

Received by Love

Jesus, through the presence and influence of the Holy Spirit and by God’s specific direction, will draw men and women to Himself if He knows they will respond to Him. Once they accept Him, He will begin to gently and lovingly deal with them about changes that need to be made in their lives and He’ll do it in His timing if we’ll take our hands off the situation.

Only then should we be involved in helping to make changes in someone’s life, and only at the Lord’s direction. Our responsibility is to be sensitive to His leadership in what we are supposed to say to people, when we’re to say it, and when we’re to stop saying it.

God loves them more than we ever could and He knows them better than we ever will. That’s why He sent the most priceless gift to earth that He had—Jesus. Everyone one on this planet wants to be loved, respected, and treated with dignity and honor. And most people that are running from God or don’t know Him at all, would respond to a genuine act or word of unconditional love.

So let’s each do our part in the particular realm of influence the Lord has given us. If we do it with the right motive and the right spirit, we’ll be amazed at how God moves in situations.

Do you need healing in your body, mind, or emotions as a result of what we talked about today? Maybe it’s the result of the pressures of life in general or something that you’re not able to share with anyone. I encourage you to check out this link for the truth that will begin to make you whole and restore hope for a bright future, regardless of outside circumstances.

Please check out other links at the bottom of this post that can also provide answers you may be looking for.

If you’d like to share your situation, I’d love to visit with you by email. If you feel comfortable in leaving a prayer request, I’d be honored to bring that before the Lord as well. If not, please check out these other links, all of them are equipped with trained people on the phones to pray and encourage you, no matter what you’re going through. Don’t take this lightly! God is waiting to show His love to you through someone at one of these links.

Serving You Truth,




Close Encounters of the God-kind

What is a God-kind of encounter? And how would I know if I ever had one? What does it look like or feel like? And for those of you who have had a God-kind of encounter, when was the last time you had one that marked your life in a memorable way?

Why Would God Encounter Us Anyway?

In order to answer the questions above, we first have to establish the truth that God, our Creator, would even want to encounter us in the first place.

The first record of God encountering the human race was in the Garden of Eden, in Genesis 1:26-28, where He created man. In the scriptures shortly thereafter, He gave him instructions on how to live and prosper in his dominion.

There are numerous other records of God powerfully encountering men and women throughout the bible all the way to the book of Revelation. However, the primary reason He created us and wants to encounter us is simply because He is a God of love and compassion and He wants a personal relationship with His creation that lasts throughout eternity.

For those of you who don’t believe in Creation, please bear with me. Regardless of what persuasion you’re influenced by, you have to admit by looking around you that you cannot get apples from an orange tree, and cows don’t produce horses, etc. The scriptures also allude to this in Gen. 1:11, 12, 21, 24, and 25. God spoke it, and it remains to this day. In other words, “every living thing produces after its own kind!” Period!

How Do I know If I Have Encountered God?

If you’ve truly encountered God, there is going to be a positive change. If you’re not a believer, it is so easy. All you have to do is ask Jesus to come into your heart and be your Lord and Savior. The bible says in John 3:16 that God loves the world so much that He sent Jesus to earth to die for our sin, past, present, and future. But verse 17 says that God IS NOT condemning anyone in the world, but that He just wants all of us to come to Him and believe in His Son. If we don’t believe in Him and reject Him instead, we condemn ourselves and seal our own fate and it will not be God’s fault. It will be our because we turned down the only way to Father God.

Once you’ve accepted His invitation, He wipes away all past sin and 2 Corinthians 5:17 says you become a new creation. The Greek language for that verse means a new species of being that “never existed before”. What God says, He means.

Some who accept Jesus experience a rush of emotions, joy, happiness, tears, a feeling of freedom, emotional overwhelm or even a sense of being light. There are many ways God can choose to manifest Himself. But emotion alone does not determine whether or not you received the gift of salvation. If you are sincere at the heart level, it becomes a reality in your human spirit because God will always do His part.

As a believer, your denominational or religious upbringing can have a large part to play in the type of encounter or experience you have with God. But I’ve also heard many testimonies where God simply overrode “all pre-conceived” ideas in the person’s mind about how they thought God would show up.

Have you grown in the level of your maturity to the point that you now realize God’s word is the final authority and not what your particular denomination dictates? If so, you can experience exhilarating visitations with God that are only limited to your understanding of His character and nature. And that will certainly change with each God-encounter you experience.

Please know that I AM NOT SAYING that every encounter will involve emotions, visions, goosebumps, and the like because they won’t. If you believe that, you will fall into the trap of presumption and God will not be put in anyone’s box. He is God and He alone has the right to manifest Himself as He chooses and when He chooses. You’ll be very disappointed to realize you can’t MAKE Him do anything, but He can be persuaded by a hungry heart that is in pursuit of Him.

Some Unusual Encounters

One of the most powerful and awesome accounts of God encountering man has to be Moses in Exodus 19:18-20. It says that when the Lord descended upon the mountain that is was full of fire and smoke and it quaked greatly, and then Moses went up to it. Out of that encounter came the original Ten Commandments.

Then there was the apostle Paul on the road to Damascus (Acts 9:1-22). Some of you may not be aware of this, but Paul was a high echelon, religious leader of his day that was involved in killing Christians because he thought they were dangerous to the future state of Israel his religious sect. But God met him on the way to Damascus, knocked him off his horse, and he was never the same again. As a matter of fact, God used him to write two-thirds or our New Testament.

Heroes of the Faith

Since that time many men and women have had powerful life-altering encounters with God that have marked their lives permanently. As a result, they received their calling from God and appointments with destiny that would affect their lives as well as the lives of countless others for all eternity.

Smith Wigglesworth, who was called “The Apostle of Faith,” was an illiterate plumber from England who had a visitation from the Lord and thereafter became one of the most powerful evangelists of his time. He walked with such a presence of God on his life that records of the past state as he was traveling from meeting to meeting, people would literally fall down in front of him under conviction of their sin. It has also been recorded that as Smith Wigglesworth would begin praying at meetings, people would actually crawl out of the church on their hands and knees because the presence of God was so heavy that they could literally no longer breathe. But Smith would stay for long periods of time and intercede for people with great sobbing.

Then there’s Charles Finney, a Connecticut-born attorney that received the baptism of the Holy Spirit through a radical God-encounter. Shortly thereafter, he closed his law practice and started preaching. Finney taught in Oberlin College, was an outspoken abolitionist, lead a half-million souls to Christ, and allowed women to start speaking in churches which was highly unpopular in that day. And unfortunately, it still is in some places today.

Then there’s Evan Roberts, a young Methodist man who was a leader in the Welsh revival in the early 1900’s. He also received a powerful infilling of the Holy Spirit after an equally powerful personal encounter with God.

Time and space does not allow me to adequately share the details of the experiences of these men and women of God and the powerful life-changing encounters that each of them had. However, I challenge to you research them for yourself and allow it stir up a hunger and passion for God in your heart.

Your Personal Encounter

You must understand that God is waiting to have an encounter with you! Perhaps one that is just as intimate, powerful, and life changing as any of these people I mentioned earlier. You are His creation, the apple of His eye. He sent Jesus to earth on your behalf so that you could have an intimate friendship with Him for all eternity.

But this relationship is not so that you can keep it to yourself. It’s so that you can share Him with others and encourage them. I like the comment that I heard from Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, CA. He said that, “The Holy Spirit is within me for my sake, but He is upon me for yours.” And then he finished by saying, “Many Christians don’t know that we can give Him (the Holy Spirit) away.” He said, “We are to ‘leak Jesus’ everywhere we go.”

So pursue a close encounter of the God-kind of your own and then go out and just “leak Jesus wherever you go.”

Serving You Truth,


If you’d like to know more about pursuing God and encountering Him. I highly recommend Bill Johnson’s book titled: Face to Face with God:The Ultimate Quest to Experience His Presence.  

Looking at Unseen Things!

Some of you may have read a recent post on August 18th that I titled, God, Can We See You?

I attempted to wander into a subject that is very touchy in some church circles or denominations. It was on my heart to challenge your thinking about whether or not we can really see God, be caught up in the Spirit, and have angelic visitations, etc. I’m aware that it is still a “taboo subject” in the church world at large. As such, it is my opinion that anyone who claims to have had or is currently having these experiences is very often looked upon with extreme caution and in some cases even scorn. I speak from personal experience.

However, it was recorded in Scripture from Genesis to Revelation that several people in the Old and New Testaments had supernatural encounters with God, Jesus, and angels. What’s interesting about this is that most people who have value and respect for the bible and church, will not normally debate with you about whether or not those biblical characters had divine encounters. But when it comes to discussing whether or not someone in our current day and time encountered Jesus, an angel or had other divinely supernatural experiences, our “judgment indicators” go on high alert.

A Renewed Mind

 For any of us who have accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord of our lives, we must be constantly renewing our minds to the truth of scripture. Without our commitment to do this as long as we live, we will probably never experience all that the Father has reserved for us to enjoy.

 I’m aware that there may be some people reading this post who don’t know the Lord and/or have never been to church. There also may be some readers of this post who have been to church, but you’ve never been to a “word” church that preaches the “full-gospel” of the kingdom and is open to all that God says in scripture that we can experience. For this reason I will always use scripture where I feel prompted to in order to let you know that this truth is scriptural and not something I conjured in my thinking. At times I will also refer you to meanings of specific words in their original language as they were written in that day.

Romans 12:2 in the NKJV says, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the “renewing of your mind,” that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

 In its original language the word conformed means to: fashion alike or to conform to the same pattern or external conditions. Renewing in the original usage means to: renovate, make a ‘complete change’ or grow up and make new with new strength and vigor. We live in a fallen world system that is under the influence of the same evil spirit—satan—who was present in the Garden of Eden during the fall of Adam and Eve. As such, this world system and it’s philosophy is constantly at work subtly trying to force us into its mold of thinking based on fear, doubt, unbelief, sensuality, greed and the list goes on endlessly. You have to determine to resist it to live above it and that can only happen with a constant infusion of Truth from God’s word and daily encounters with the Spirit of the resurrected Jesus.

The word “prove” in this passage is the most interesting to me of the ones I have focused on. In its original language it is dokimazo and it means: to test and to approve. It “literally” means to test, to examine, to prove, to scrutinize (to see whether or not a thing is genuine) after examination in order to deem worthy.

For example: let’s say you were a rare art examiner and appraiser and someone brought a painting to you and told you it was an original Rembrandt or Picasso. Because of your experience as a professional rare art examiner you could take a look at the painting and know immediately by the brush strokes, the types of oils used and even the type of canvas it was painted on whether or not it was a copy or an original.

We must spend adequate time in God’s word with the intention of knowing Him intimately, having fellowship with Him, just being quiet before Him and listening for His heartbeat and what motivates Him and what breaks His heart or grieves Him. Then we can become as confident in the Spirit about what is “from Him” as that art appraiser is of authentic vs. copied paintings.

Is it so vital now days that we “prove” what is authentic vs. what is a counterfeit so that we don’t agree with our enemy and empower him for further destruction and deception in our lives.

Seeing Eternal Things

I really labored this point of the renewed mind because it is so critical to the Christian’s walk. It’s also crucial that we are constantly renewing our minds not only to the truth of God’s word, but we must be involved in deep study of the word in its original language so that we can rightly divide the word of truth (see 2 Tim. 2:15) which will  allow us to prove “what is good and acceptable”.

The apostle Paul said in 2 Corinthians 4:18 that we “do not look at the things which are seen” but we “look at the things which are not seen.” This statement seems like it’s a dichotomy or an outright contradiction, but it’s not! He also said in this passage that “the things which are seen are temporary but the things that are not seen are eternal and everlasting.”

The word “seen” is used four times in this passage and every usage is the same in the original Greek text, its blepo. It has a dual meaning in every single use in this passage. It means to see metaphorically with understanding and it also means to see into the open Spirit realm and experience what is being seen, looked at and carefully weighed experientially.

Paul also said penned these words in Ephesians 1:18 in the KJV, he was praying that “the eyes of our understanding being enlightened; that (we) may know what is the hope of His calling…” toward us. In the original language, eyes is ophthalmos and it means to literally have a vision with the eyes of our mind. The word enlightened is photizo and it’s the word we get “photo” from. It means to shed rays, to illumine, make manifest by rays, to brighten up, to give light and make to see. The word understanding in this passage is the best for me. In the Greek it is dianoia and it means: deep thought. Here’s the best part, it means to exercise the imagination of the mind and the spirit, a way of thinking and feeling.

In other words, if we will do some serious study of key words in the original languages of the Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) we will discover some amazing and exciting promises that remain hidden from those who don’t want to study. Simple as that!

This passage above is a promise that Paul prayed for the church then and is still ours today. If we pray for the Spirit of revelation in the knowledge of Christ (vs. 17) the eyes of our understanding will be open and we can literally have our imagination (which is the Spirit realm in us) renewed to see the unseen and receive revelation of how to operate in a much higher dimension of God’s kingdom that we have been taught.

God bless you all.

Serving You Truth,