Can You Hear God’s Voice?

No matter where you are in this world today, there are a multitude of voices clamoring and competing for your attention. Some of them deserve your attention because what they have to offer is valid and it will protect you and your loved ones. It may also provide wise and sound advice for living a quality life.

However, there is one person who is more important for us to listen to than any other human being on earth.

Have you ever heard someone say they “heard from God” about a particular matter? Perhaps you heard someone say “God prompted me” to do this or that thing. Is it really possible to hear from God?

It is not only possible, but it’s vitally important in these last days that we understand how to hear from God and believe that He wants us to hear from Him. Once we understand how to recognize His voice, the next step is to trust and obey what we hear.

Why Do I Need to Hear God’s Voice?

Because I am  not God, therefore I do not have all the answers to life that I need.

There is no one alive right now that can afford to be without wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that is far greater than what each of us possesses. We are living in perilous times and we must have access on a regular basis to someone who has all the answers to our questions as well as the difficult answers for life.

In addition, we desperately need a vital, daily connection with someone who can and will give us the direction we need in order to safely navigate virtual mine-fields of life.

Let’s imagine that you’re working on your finances, your car, your job, or any number of other difficult tasks and you run into a problem. You’ve tried everything that you can possibly think of.

You’ve talked to people with more experience than you, you’ve researched answers online and more, but you’re stuck and you have to have an answer…now! 

This is the time to “hear God’s voice!”

How To Hear God’s Voice?

In order to hear God’s voice, a person MUST first believe that he or she can hear His voice.

We as human beings were created in God’s image (whether you can accept this as truth or not, Genesis 1:27). This does not mean we were made to “look like Him”. But it does mean we were created with some of His attributes. He created us with the potential of thinking and acting like Him.

He actually made us with an eternal spirit that will never die. And once we surrender to Him as Lord of our life and invite Him into our hearts to live permanently and take up residence there, we become born again. The original Greek language implies that when we accept Jesus or God as Lord, we become born from above.

It is my conviction that since we were created in God’s image from the beginning, we can still hear His voice even before salvation. Otherwise we could not hear Him calling or drawing us to Himself for the purpose of salvation (see John 6:44).

However, in order to think, act, and do business for Him as He would if He were here, we MUST be born again. That’s how His Holy Spirit takes up residence in our lives and that’s how we can develop the sensitivity to hear His voice when He whispers to us; even in a noisy crowd. Ephesians 3:16 in the Amplified translation says that the Holy Spirit Himself indwells our innermost being and personality with “mighty power.” The word “mighty” here in the original Greek language is dunamis, which means miracle working power.

What Does His Voice Sound Like?

Unless you’ve heard God’s voice audibly, you may not recognize it until you’ve spent uninterrupted quiet time in God’s word or at least have spent time talking to someone whom you trust with experience in this specific area. Recognizing God’s subtle, gentle voice was mysterious for me at times and almost frustrating until the Lord used someone to “settle it” once and for all for me.

I’ve heard testimonies from people as I’m sure you have, who have heard God’s audible voice at times, but that has never happened to me yet. However, I am totally open to it and will receive it if He chooses to speak to me that way.

Many years ago God used a precious spirit-filled woman to settle this issue for me. She was explaining that the voice of God’s Holy Spirit will never contradict His word or His principles of truth.

As a matter of fact, John 16:13 says that the Holy Spirit will not speak on His own authority. The implication is that the Holy Spirit will only speak what He hears coming from the Father and/or the Son. This is a fail-safe mechanism against heresy and deception, but we must be sensitive and our motives must be pure. In order to His voice, we MUST know the Word so that we can tell the difference between truth and lies from the enemy when they come. And make no mistake, they will come.

The lady I mentioned above said that God’s voice “sounds like your voice” in your spirit. He could speak with the voice of thunder or with the voice of many waters as Revelation 14:2 describes. But most of the time, my personal experience is that He “sounds like” my voice and it’s very quiet and peaceful.

I believe that is so because He lives in my human spirit. His thoughts and promptings are translated into thoughts or impressions of emotion, even mental pictures at times that line up with my personality, my mannerisms and the way I’m wired down to the core values and desires of my heart.

To date, when I’ve measured what I’m hearing against God’s word, if it lines up with His word and I obey what I’ve heard, there is always peace that accompanies and good results always follow. If what I hear does not line up with God’s word, I know it’s not Him and I will not follow it.

This is another example of how critically important it is to know God’s word well. Then you will not be deceived and led in the wrong direction.

I pray very sincerely that this article will bless you, encourage you, and challenge you to develop a more sensitive ear to the Holy Spirit and a hearing ear that can detect the slightest whisper and the faintest rustling of Holy Spirit’s wind.

Serving You Truth,




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