Are You Beaten Down By Life?


In the course of any given day, anywhere in this world, the average person has to deal with a number of things coming against them mentally, emotionally, relationally, financially and spiritually. In addition, if you throw in the caustic, vindictive attitude of a co-worker or family member to the mix, or a serious illness or loss of a job, or perhaps worse, it’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel and say “I QUIT!”

However, we all know there’s no reward in giving up!

Did you know there is someone who really, really cares about how you feel and what you’re going through? His name is Jesus and He cares, feels, and understands what you’re dealing with (Heb. 4:15-16) and He has the power and the willingness to step in NOW and lighten your load.

Dealing with Stuff

I have personal knowledge of people that are dealing with things right now that would bring many of us to the point of an emotional breakdown and totally giving up. However, these people that I know of are leaning on Jesus and He is the reason they are not only surviving, but in time will come through these trials victorious, and a stronger and better person than they were when they started.

Trials of life can make us bitter or better, it really is our choice you know. As foreign as this may be to your thinking, it’s not the severity or the length of the trial you’re presently dealing with that is most difficult. In all honestly, it’s your perspective—how you’re looking at it and analyzing your particular situation.

The Horizontal Perspective

Let’s say you’re dealing with a serious physical complication, or a long-term, aggravating or painful inconvenience.

God gave us doctors and medicine for the purpose of helping our bodies get healed and restored. But at best, their knowledge is limited. They did not make our bodies therefore, they can’t actually heal us. They can only assist our body in what God has already allowed and established through natural physical laws; as well as supernatural divine healing.

If you’ve lost a job, or perhaps are going through a long string of incessant physical and financial hits such as my wife and I have, it’s easy to get discouraged if you’re looking at things with a horizontal perspective only. Lately my wife and I have experienced financial hit, after hit, after hit, after… . It’s as if we plug one whole in the dyke and another one opens somewhere else.

And I’ll be honest with you, there’s been some disappointing days. But when I change my perspective, it causes me to get “reappointed.”

The Vertical Perspective

As I referred to above, a horizontal perspective regarding anything you’re currently dealing with is limited to human knowledge, abilities and natural resources for the most part.

However, when we address our problems from a vertical perspective or from God’s viewpoint, it can literally open up new vista’s from which to see things. The word vista means: a distant view through or along an avenue or opening or an extensive mental view (as over a stretch of time or a series of events).

You see, when we’re involved first-hand in our issues, or even trying to help someone else with theirs, many times we’re disadvantaged because we’re so involved personally that we can only see horizontally or in close proximity to the problems at hand.

Therefore, we desperately need the viewpoint or perspective of someone that we know hears from God. Or better yet, we need to be able to clearly hear God’s voice for ourselves regarding what we’re currently dealing with. Because God–who is above us, has all the answers and He’s willing to share them with us.

In James 1:5-7 he says if any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God who gives to “all men” abundantly and without fault finding. But let him ask in faith…or he won’t be able to receive anything.

God is such a good Father and He loves us so much. He wants to be personally involved in what we’re dealing with every day, that’s why He sent His only son to earth. He had and has no intention of condemning anyone. He truly desires that EVERYONE would come to Him and have a personal, vibrant, passionate relationship with Him. Not a religion that is full of dead, cold, harsh rules.

A Love Stronger Than Death

I’m sure you notice there’s very little love being shown to each other in the world today. That’s why Jesus made such a strong example in the Gospels of loving people in His day, regardless of their background or position in the community.

He even went to the leper colonies specifically to show them Father God’s love and healing power. He cast out demons and raised the dead, stilled storms, and the bible even says that all the books in the world could not contain all the good works that Jesus did (see John 21:25). And it was ALL for love, an unconditionally, selfless, accepting type of love that always had pure motives.

John 17:23 says that God loves us just like He loves Jesus. And to further prove that to all skeptics, Jesus took this passionate love for us all the way to the cross so that we could have a permanent, eternal, one-on-one relationship with our Creator and lover of our very souls. God himself, in the form of Jesus Christ, sent the Holy Spirit to earth for the purpose of continual connection and interaction between us, the Father and the Son until He comes back to take us home.

And all you have to do is invite Him in, ask Him to forgive you for rejecting Him, (John 3:16-17) and His Holy Spirit will go to work immediately in a life-long process of making you like Jesus.

Serving You Truth,




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