Confidence in Chaos

Would it be valuable for you to know in advance, that you could have confidence to make it through every negative and chaotic circumstance successfully? I’m speaking of situations that could be life threatening, or such hard straits financially that they could wipe you out for good? It could be directly related to human relationships; whether that is family, spouse, friends, employees or employers.


What would that kind of information be worth to you? Some of you may be say that you’d be willing to pay handsomely for it. Would it interest you to know that you can have it for free? There’s no catch here, it really is free and it can be yours if you really want it bad enough.


Where’s Your Confidence


I have made it a habit not to take in very much world news. I really guard my heart and thinking in this area. However, I do stay in touch because it’s my belief that not to be informed is as foolish and allowing yourself to be constantly fed by the negative and hopeless news that’s going on globally on a daily basis. In addition to this, too much of this negative fear-filled information can destroy healthy confidence and replace it with the exact opposite.


No matter where you are in this world today as you’re reading this, you are a flesh and blood human being, man or woman, and you are created as I am. You have an intellect and you have a neurological and emotional system that responds to negative and positive stimuli and you will and do react or respond (there is a difference) to situations outside you in similar ways as every other human on earth.


There’s an old Hebrew proverb that says “As a man (or woman-it’s a generic usage) thinks in his heart, so he becomes.” In other words, if you dwell on fear, anxiety, worry, panic, hopelessness, etc., that is what you will manifest or produce in your life. It’s absolutely inevitable that it will occur.


Benefits of Well-placed Confidence


As I mentioned above, there are tangible and obvious consequences that we will experience if we do not guard our thoughts. However, we can choose to dwell on anything good, wholesome, hopeful, positive, uplifting, beautiful, etc., and it will noticeably lighten our load and “enlighten” our perspective on life in general. It will also make life better for everyone around us and provide a higher level of confidence for them as well.


In the beginning of this post, I asked if it would be valuable for you to know in advance that you could be confident that you could succeed in and through every negative and chaotic experience. This is especially important if you’re facing life and death situations or situations that could take a person down financially.


If you have to navigate through traumatic experiences like I mentioned above, it’s not an option to control your thinking, emotions and responses to negative things that happen. And it cannot depend on whether you feel like it or not.


As I’m writing this post this evening, my thoughts continue returning to those dear people in France, as well as other parts of the world where insensitive, cruel, and senseless acts of terror have occurred…more than once in some nations. Please know that you are loved and prayed for and the God of heaven loves you dearly. Whatever you do, do not blame Him for this! He had nothing to do with this; He hates this type of behavior.


Confidence In Place of Chaos & Terror


I refer back to my question above. Would it be valuable for you to know that you could be safe and stand in confidence of a successful outcome when facing chaos, even violent and terrorist threats going on around you?


What I’m about to share with you is not limited to dangerous things you experience. This can also be applied to health issues, job concerns, everyday stress as a single parent, and many other circumstances.


I must tell you that every answer you need now or will ever need to any situation that will ever arise, no matter how dangerous or difficult or urgent the need, can be found in the pages of the bible. I can just hear someone right now saying something like, “Oh yeah! Of course, I’ve heard that one before. I tried that for a week, or a month, or a year and it didn’t work for me!” Well of course not, your heart may not been ready to really believe and receive it.


You see, the bible is not like any other book and never will be. The words in the bible must be believed, meditated on and then acted upon for it to work. It’s also very helpful to understand that the Holy Spirit of God is the author who communicated to men’s spirits and they penned it exactly as they heard it. What’s really interesting about the bible is this. No scripture in the entire bible will ever contradict another; from Genesis to Revelation. It’s all in agreement! 


If you accept Jesus for who He is into your life as Savior, Lord, Deliverer, Protector, Instructor, Healer, Provider, Prince of Peace, Transport out of danger and to heaven one day and the list goes on endlessly, you can begin to experience deliverance, protection and safety in dangerous and even life threatening situations.


In order for you to have daily, ongoing, eternal access to this kind of promise, you must accept Jesus Christ of Nazareth as your Lord and Savior if you have not already done it. He is God and you are not and you will never be able to run your life and provide for yourself like He can and like He wants to. John 3:16 says that God so loved the entire world that He gave His Son for all of us and that if you believe on Him you will be saved…forever! Romans 10:10 & 13 says if you believe in your heart, confess with your mouth, that all who call upon Him shall be saved. All means all and that’s all that all means. In other words, that’s you, right now, whether you’re in France, China, Turkey, or a hundred other countries on the face of this globe.


Finally, I “urge you” to go to Psalms 91 and read this powerful chapter in many different translations if you have access to them. For those of you in China, the Middle East and other countries where you may be reading this and you don’t have the privilege of multiple translations, then do what all us should be doing anyway. Depending completely and solely on the Holy Spirit to breathe life on His words and He will translate and communicate to you so you can live in peace.


Psalms 91: 5-8 in the Voice Translation says: “You will not dread the terrors that haunt the night or enemy arrows that fly in the day, or the plagues that lurk in darkness or the disasters that wreak havoc at noon. A thousand may fall on your left, ten thousand may die on your right, but these horrors won’t come near you.”


There are literally a myriad of testimonies of supernatural protection from God over people who have taken this powerful Psalm to heart and lived it. I’m providing a link to one of the best books I’ve read titled: Psalm 91, Real Life Stories of God’s Shield of Protection and What This Psalm Means for You & Those You Love. Author: Peggy Joyce Ruth & Angelia Ruth Schum.


God bless you,


Serving You Truth

















Can You Hear God’s Voice?

No matter where you are in this world today, there are a multitude of voices clamoring and competing for your attention. Some of them deserve your attention because what they have to offer is valid and it will protect you and your loved ones. It may also provide wise and sound advice for living a quality life.

However, there is one person who is more important for us to listen to than any other human being on earth.

Have you ever heard someone say they “heard from God” about a particular matter? Perhaps you heard someone say “God prompted me” to do this or that thing. Is it really possible to hear from God?

It is not only possible, but it’s vitally important in these last days that we understand how to hear from God and believe that He wants us to hear from Him. Once we understand how to recognize His voice, the next step is to trust and obey what we hear.

Why Do I Need to Hear God’s Voice?

Because I am  not God, therefore I do not have all the answers to life that I need.

There is no one alive right now that can afford to be without wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that is far greater than what each of us possesses. We are living in perilous times and we must have access on a regular basis to someone who has all the answers to our questions as well as the difficult answers for life.

In addition, we desperately need a vital, daily connection with someone who can and will give us the direction we need in order to safely navigate virtual mine-fields of life.

Let’s imagine that you’re working on your finances, your car, your job, or any number of other difficult tasks and you run into a problem. You’ve tried everything that you can possibly think of.

You’ve talked to people with more experience than you, you’ve researched answers online and more, but you’re stuck and you have to have an answer…now! 

This is the time to “hear God’s voice!”

How To Hear God’s Voice?

In order to hear God’s voice, a person MUST first believe that he or she can hear His voice.

We as human beings were created in God’s image (whether you can accept this as truth or not, Genesis 1:27). This does not mean we were made to “look like Him”. But it does mean we were created with some of His attributes. He created us with the potential of thinking and acting like Him.

He actually made us with an eternal spirit that will never die. And once we surrender to Him as Lord of our life and invite Him into our hearts to live permanently and take up residence there, we become born again. The original Greek language implies that when we accept Jesus or God as Lord, we become born from above.

It is my conviction that since we were created in God’s image from the beginning, we can still hear His voice even before salvation. Otherwise we could not hear Him calling or drawing us to Himself for the purpose of salvation (see John 6:44).

However, in order to think, act, and do business for Him as He would if He were here, we MUST be born again. That’s how His Holy Spirit takes up residence in our lives and that’s how we can develop the sensitivity to hear His voice when He whispers to us; even in a noisy crowd. Ephesians 3:16 in the Amplified translation says that the Holy Spirit Himself indwells our innermost being and personality with “mighty power.” The word “mighty” here in the original Greek language is dunamis, which means miracle working power.

What Does His Voice Sound Like?

Unless you’ve heard God’s voice audibly, you may not recognize it until you’ve spent uninterrupted quiet time in God’s word or at least have spent time talking to someone whom you trust with experience in this specific area. Recognizing God’s subtle, gentle voice was mysterious for me at times and almost frustrating until the Lord used someone to “settle it” once and for all for me.

I’ve heard testimonies from people as I’m sure you have, who have heard God’s audible voice at times, but that has never happened to me yet. However, I am totally open to it and will receive it if He chooses to speak to me that way.

Many years ago God used a precious spirit-filled woman to settle this issue for me. She was explaining that the voice of God’s Holy Spirit will never contradict His word or His principles of truth.

As a matter of fact, John 16:13 says that the Holy Spirit will not speak on His own authority. The implication is that the Holy Spirit will only speak what He hears coming from the Father and/or the Son. This is a fail-safe mechanism against heresy and deception, but we must be sensitive and our motives must be pure. In order to His voice, we MUST know the Word so that we can tell the difference between truth and lies from the enemy when they come. And make no mistake, they will come.

The lady I mentioned above said that God’s voice “sounds like your voice” in your spirit. He could speak with the voice of thunder or with the voice of many waters as Revelation 14:2 describes. But most of the time, my personal experience is that He “sounds like” my voice and it’s very quiet and peaceful.

I believe that is so because He lives in my human spirit. His thoughts and promptings are translated into thoughts or impressions of emotion, even mental pictures at times that line up with my personality, my mannerisms and the way I’m wired down to the core values and desires of my heart.

To date, when I’ve measured what I’m hearing against God’s word, if it lines up with His word and I obey what I’ve heard, there is always peace that accompanies and good results always follow. If what I hear does not line up with God’s word, I know it’s not Him and I will not follow it.

This is another example of how critically important it is to know God’s word well. Then you will not be deceived and led in the wrong direction.

I pray very sincerely that this article will bless you, encourage you, and challenge you to develop a more sensitive ear to the Holy Spirit and a hearing ear that can detect the slightest whisper and the faintest rustling of Holy Spirit’s wind.

Serving You Truth,




Are You Beaten Down By Life?


In the course of any given day, anywhere in this world, the average person has to deal with a number of things coming against them mentally, emotionally, relationally, financially and spiritually. In addition, if you throw in the caustic, vindictive attitude of a co-worker or family member to the mix, or a serious illness or loss of a job, or perhaps worse, it’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel and say “I QUIT!”

However, we all know there’s no reward in giving up!

Did you know there is someone who really, really cares about how you feel and what you’re going through? His name is Jesus and He cares, feels, and understands what you’re dealing with (Heb. 4:15-16) and He has the power and the willingness to step in NOW and lighten your load.

Dealing with Stuff

I have personal knowledge of people that are dealing with things right now that would bring many of us to the point of an emotional breakdown and totally giving up. However, these people that I know of are leaning on Jesus and He is the reason they are not only surviving, but in time will come through these trials victorious, and a stronger and better person than they were when they started.

Trials of life can make us bitter or better, it really is our choice you know. As foreign as this may be to your thinking, it’s not the severity or the length of the trial you’re presently dealing with that is most difficult. In all honestly, it’s your perspective—how you’re looking at it and analyzing your particular situation.

The Horizontal Perspective

Let’s say you’re dealing with a serious physical complication, or a long-term, aggravating or painful inconvenience.

God gave us doctors and medicine for the purpose of helping our bodies get healed and restored. But at best, their knowledge is limited. They did not make our bodies therefore, they can’t actually heal us. They can only assist our body in what God has already allowed and established through natural physical laws; as well as supernatural divine healing.

If you’ve lost a job, or perhaps are going through a long string of incessant physical and financial hits such as my wife and I have, it’s easy to get discouraged if you’re looking at things with a horizontal perspective only. Lately my wife and I have experienced financial hit, after hit, after hit, after… . It’s as if we plug one whole in the dyke and another one opens somewhere else.

And I’ll be honest with you, there’s been some disappointing days. But when I change my perspective, it causes me to get “reappointed.”

The Vertical Perspective

As I referred to above, a horizontal perspective regarding anything you’re currently dealing with is limited to human knowledge, abilities and natural resources for the most part.

However, when we address our problems from a vertical perspective or from God’s viewpoint, it can literally open up new vista’s from which to see things. The word vista means: a distant view through or along an avenue or opening or an extensive mental view (as over a stretch of time or a series of events).

You see, when we’re involved first-hand in our issues, or even trying to help someone else with theirs, many times we’re disadvantaged because we’re so involved personally that we can only see horizontally or in close proximity to the problems at hand.

Therefore, we desperately need the viewpoint or perspective of someone that we know hears from God. Or better yet, we need to be able to clearly hear God’s voice for ourselves regarding what we’re currently dealing with. Because God–who is above us, has all the answers and He’s willing to share them with us.

In James 1:5-7 he says if any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God who gives to “all men” abundantly and without fault finding. But let him ask in faith…or he won’t be able to receive anything.

God is such a good Father and He loves us so much. He wants to be personally involved in what we’re dealing with every day, that’s why He sent His only son to earth. He had and has no intention of condemning anyone. He truly desires that EVERYONE would come to Him and have a personal, vibrant, passionate relationship with Him. Not a religion that is full of dead, cold, harsh rules.

A Love Stronger Than Death

I’m sure you notice there’s very little love being shown to each other in the world today. That’s why Jesus made such a strong example in the Gospels of loving people in His day, regardless of their background or position in the community.

He even went to the leper colonies specifically to show them Father God’s love and healing power. He cast out demons and raised the dead, stilled storms, and the bible even says that all the books in the world could not contain all the good works that Jesus did (see John 21:25). And it was ALL for love, an unconditionally, selfless, accepting type of love that always had pure motives.

John 17:23 says that God loves us just like He loves Jesus. And to further prove that to all skeptics, Jesus took this passionate love for us all the way to the cross so that we could have a permanent, eternal, one-on-one relationship with our Creator and lover of our very souls. God himself, in the form of Jesus Christ, sent the Holy Spirit to earth for the purpose of continual connection and interaction between us, the Father and the Son until He comes back to take us home.

And all you have to do is invite Him in, ask Him to forgive you for rejecting Him, (John 3:16-17) and His Holy Spirit will go to work immediately in a life-long process of making you like Jesus.

Serving You Truth,