What to Do During the Storms

I was born, raised, and still live in the Midwestern part of the United States. That being said, spring and summer can always be counted on to deliver a wide variety of threatening and sometimes deadly storms that seem to have a personal vendetta against property and all living things.

I can remember when I was in the first or second grade while living in Topeka, Kansas and experiencing my first tornado up close and personal. Neither my family nor I were hurt but many people in our housing area experienced damage to their vehicles and/or homes. I remember the scariest part for me was the sound of many freight trains rumbling toward us in the dark night but not knowing what it was or where it was coming from. Fortunately, we were close to shelter and made it to my cousin’s basement in time to escape danger. I still remember even though that was decades ago.

You Should Always Seek Shelter

Just as storms occur in the atmosphere in which we live, there are also storms that occur in our lives. There are storms of financial difficulty, physical storms, relationship storms, career storms and the list goes on.

Just as it is wise to seek shelter when natural storms threaten us and the welfare of our loved ones, it is equally wise to seek shelter to protect us from the potential damage that can occur during the invisible storms that are just as real.

How well you are protected during the storm depends upon a couple of very important things. 1) Your ability to discern the potential of the storm and when to move. 2) And the security level of the shelter you’re going to and how well it’s performed in past storms.

Don’t Assume You’re Invincible

 If you’re experiencing a natural storm, or one that’s invisible such as a financial battle, a relationship battle, or a physical one, don’t try to go it alone…ever! None of us has all the answers. We were not designed to be hermits or recluses.

We were designed for community and for partnering with others in order to gain strength in times when ours is gone or being severely tested.

Getting into pride can often cost us more than we’re ready to pay. No man is an island and thinking that way will not only hurt you, it will adversely affect those you’re responsible for and care about.

Peace in Every Storm

Imagine being caught in the middle of deadly thunderstorm at night or worse, a hurricane making landfall and you know you’re too far from shelter to get there in time. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know how to access peace in the midst of that storm that will not only protect you from harm, it will protect your emotions and give you a confidence that you will be safe until it’s past. This type of peace is far greater than the storm you’re currently experiencing in the natural. You can have this kind of peace right now, in the middle of every storm that will ever come your way in life.

As a matter of fact, Jesus promised that His peace is not of this world, that’s why it will always work for you (John 14:27).

It is a spiritual peace and it does not come from mental gymnastics, it cannot be accessed by neuro linguistic programming or any other fleshly manipulation. There is only one source for this kind of power and that is Jesus Christ and His resurrection power of the Holy Spirit.

Peace Greater than Any Storm

Some of you will probably disagree with what I’m going to say next and I respect your opinions. However, this blog is titled “Serving You Truth” so that’s what I’m committed to do.

One of my favorite miracles that Jesus did in the gospels was when He stood up in the fishing boat and commanded the storm to be still. There is much that can be taught and learned from this story, but I’m going to stay on track. This event can be found in Mark 4:35-41, immediately following the parable of the sower. Jesus told his disciples to go the other side of the Sea of Galilee. They headed out for the other side and Jesus fell asleep in stern of the boat and a hurricane size storm rose quickly which happens often in the region.

Even though the disciples had already witnessed miracles at the hands of Jesus, they started freaking out. They woke Jesus up and said, “Don’t you care that we’re about to die here (Mk.4:38-my emphasis)”?

Jesus simply got up and in verse 39 He said, “Peace be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm. Many think this happened because Jesus was the Son of God. He was, but at this time we must remember He was also fully man who willingly voided Himself of all privileges of deity and power.

In other words, He did this completely and totally as our elder brother and fully a flesh and blood man full of the Holy Spirit. He did this to show us as humans that we could actually have authority over the natural elements of nature. But that’s not what I want you to get.

This is it! The reason He stilled the storm with His words was because…the peace that He released from within was greater than the storm on the outside! Did you get that?

If you know Him but don’t have this kind of peace, simply ask Him to forgive you for believing what you see on the outside more and to show you what you have on the inside.

If you don’t know Him, simply ask Him to forgive you for trying to be god in your life and ask Him to move in and take up residence…permanently, and He will. You will have to spend time with Him by reading His word and talking to Him daily (that’s called prayer), but as you do this, the peace that calms all storms will begin to get larger than the storms you’re currently dealing with or any storms on the horizon.

Serving You Truth,












“Is Your Time Up?”

Have you been in your present career or job for so long that you’ve lost your passion for what totally jazzed you at one time? Like what used to get you up in the morning and keep you pumped till bedtime?

Why do you think that happened?

It could be that you’re simply not being challenged intellectually or vocationally anymore and that you’re no longer able to use your gifts and talents as you once were. This can lead to boredom, discontent, complacency, lethargy and the like.

But most importantly, it could be that it’s time for you to move on to the next season of your life. It could be time for a new season of greater purpose and personal fulfillment by stretching yourself to do new things you’ve never done before and go to places you’ve never been. Maybe it’s time to invest what you’ve experienced in the lives of others who genuinely need what you have to offer.

Warning Signs

How can I tell if my time is up?

Some of the things I mentioned above may begin to occur very subtly. If so, don’t take these things for granted, they could be signs that help to make you aware.

These suggestions I’m offering are not an absolute “rule of thumb” for recognizing signs that it’s time to move on. But I think they are at least worth considering.

When your season is over, one of the things that may become more noticeable as time goes on might be the growing sense of frustration with where you are and what you’re doing. Frustration typically occurs when you have a vision or dream in mind that you can see clearly but are not able to achieve it for one reason or another. When this begins to happen, you may or may not find that daily tasks you used to perform with ease are now becoming more difficult.

Some people are so gifted that they can do everything well (or least believe they can) but are still experiencing a level of frustration they didn’t have before. This could be an indication that they need something new to challenge or fulfill them; like a change in careers.

DON’T Ignore Them

If you are dealing with this issue in a career or job and are regularly experiencing frustration or a lack of fulfillment and peace, it could be time to consider a change. If you do not, it may twist your perspective about life in general, as well as how you see others and behave toward them. This can directly hinder your ability to expect good to come in your future.

When these issues we’ve been discussing happen in the workplace, it could ultimately and adversely affect morale and/or the success of your organization depending upon your personal responsibilities, your level of influence, and your level of personal growth or maturity.

An even more serious consequence of ignoring the signs above is how it can negatively affect your family life and other close relationships. Depending upon your individual personality, continued frustration not dealt with, and the lack of fulfillment of desired dreams and visions, can cause you to withdraw and become very introspective and selfish.

An old Hebrew proverb says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life” (Proverbs 13:12 NAS).

I sincerely hope I’ve clearly communicated the importance of paying attention when we’re getting signs that it’s time to move up to the next level.

Life is constantly changing. And even though we need stability and longevity in our personal and professional lives, if we’re resistant to change and remain stubborn and obstinate, we may end up being the ones on the losing end.

Think About it First

In closing, if I were to add a disclaimer to this article it would be this. While this was written primarily for those who need a career change, it could apply in part, I suppose, to relationships, finances, families or other areas. However, common sense should suggest that absolutely “no important decision” that will significantly impact your personal and family life should ever be made without discussing these issues with your spouse, as well as other wise and trusted counsel.

Guys, this especially goes for you, for us! Some of us think our wives don’t know as much about these things as we do. After all, we’re the providers, the breadwinners and the hunters!

Let’s swallow our pride and admit that they know some stuff we don’t! We should listen to their input. After all, you saw something in them when you married them…right?!

I sincerely hope this has given you food for thought!

Serving You Truth,