“So You Really Think You’re Free, Do Ya?”

“Leave me alone will ya?! I’m free to do whatever I want!”

Have you ever had a conversation that went something like that with someone who you were genuinely trying to help? Someone you knew was headed in the wrong direction?

Do you have a friend or perhaps a close family member that is living like this? They think they have everything under total control but they don’t have a clue that they are heading for a violent crash of some kind in the very near future.

Could this be you…perhaps?

Today’s culture is independent, self-willed, and for the most part, does not want to be told what to do or how to live their lives and they have little to no respect or regard for authority over them.

And if the truth be told, people that live like this are usually not very happy. In fact, they’re generally miserable because no one can always have everything their way. It’s not rational or reasonable to believe this way and it’s not emotionally healthy to expect to live like this.

How Did it Start?

The kind of thinking, attitudes and behavior described above can result for a variety of reasons. It could be a learned behavior in the person’s background as a result of mental, verbal and/or emotional abuse. The person may simply be trying to protect to themselves from further pain. It could also be a self-defense mechanism as the result of a relationship that has gone wrong in a marriage, or a parent-child relationship.

In today’s culture, it could easily be the result of this politically correct environment that is indoctrinating people with pride, arrogance, independence, self-will and a lack of respect for authority which is “anything but correct!”

It Will Not Work!

Have you worked in an environment, any environment where just one person was always dragging their feet and did not want to be part of a team effort to make things flow smoothly? I’ve had that experience more than once and it creates many problems for all concerned.

If the leadership in that organization, regardless of the size, is not discerning enough to pick up on what’s going on, it will ultimately destroy a company, a small business, a church, a ministry or a family.

If it doesn’t cause a total breakdown in the organization, at the very least, there will be a constant tension in the atmosphere among employees, family members, church members or whatever the case and it’s a breeding ground for confusion, strife and constant disagreements. It’s an unseen law that cannot be ignored and it simply will not work!

 Have you worked with someone in a company who did drugs and it directly affected your position? It may even have jeopardized your safety at times.

Drug addicts never start out thinking that they’ll end up getting addicted. They probably think they’re free just to get high, get a buzz and have a good time. But it never turns out that way. Trust me! I know because I was one of them. I almost lost my family and my life! I still remember thinking I was in total control and that my precious wife didn’t have a clue.

Thank God I got an alarming wake-up call!

So What’s the Answer?

In this writer’s opinion there is an answer to this independent spirit that is affecting this culture today. However, a person must be honest with themselves and come to grips with their attitudes and perspectives on life and realize that they are negatively effecting, and in some cases hurting others around them.

Once again, this idea of a person being free to do whatever they please without regard for authority or regard for others is total deception.

Freedom is not found in doing whatever you want to do at any time with no regard for the outcome or how your choice will affect those around you. That’s totally ludicrous and it’s very, very selfish.

Real freedom is having the power to make good choices that will not only affect you, but those around you as well. True freedom is not having to choose things, habits, and relationships that are ultimately destructive to you.

In order for me to answer the question about “what is the answer,” I have no choice but to offer you the only truth I know. This truth will help change your thinking so that you can no longer be deceived by what you thought was freedom.

The bible says in John 8:30-32 that as Jesus taught some of the Jews believed Him. He then told them if they continued in His word that they would be His disciples and they would then know the truth and the truth would make them free. The word free, in the Greek language in this text means total liberty with nothing dominating them.

For you to have this kind of freedom, all you have to do is to switch who and what you are currently worshiping. If you’re living with the attitude that I’ve been discussing above, then you are god in your life and you are worshiping you.

 I heard a quote one time that goes like this. “When we’re all wrapped up in ourselves we make a pretty small package.”

Changing Lords

If you want to change who is on the throne of your heart and begin to know what true freedom is, simply pray this with me.

Jesus, I thought I was free doing my own thing, but now I realize I’m not and know that is a dead-end road. Please forgive me for trying to god in my life? I’m a small god, but I need you in my life Jesus. You are the true God and I want the kind of freedom You offer me. Please come into my heart and make me know You are here? Help me serve you and follow You the rest of my life?

Thank you Jesus!

If you prayed that prayer and meant it with your heart, you are what the bible calls born again or saved and your destiny is forever sealed for eternity in heaven. No matter what happens the rest of your life. You are now heaven bound.

However, now you need to get in the bible and start growing as a new believer. Start in the book of John, Romans, and Ephesians. And stay there for a while and you’ll experience God’s incredible unconditional love for you, I promise you!

I’m providing some links below to good Spirit-filled ministries that will help you grow quickly. Please take advantage of them.




Serving You Truth,

Dennis Botz









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