Spiritually de-Sensitized

How many of you have been noticing the increase of subject matter and entertainment regarding the dark side of the spiritual realm in movies, TV shows, and commercials? It’s been increasing for many years now but it has become very common these days to see new movies and TV shows advertised almost weekly that are boldly displaying detailed, demonically-inspired graphic images about the dark side of the spiritual realm.

There’s a host of prime-time programs available these days—reality and otherwise—that are blatantly advocating the acceptance of many different types of occult and new age practices. You can find programs now about hunting ghosts (which are actually demonic manifestations), becoming demon possessed, exploring haunted houses, hunting werewolves, vampires, witches, engaging in necromancy (talking to or summoning up dead spirits), summoning up demons and just about any other perversion that you would choose to indulge in.

For example, I searched for only a few minutes online for prime-time and internet programming and found more than 40 different shows that portray dark spiritual, paranormal, and openly demonic activities. If you would choose to take a stroll through the “Spiritual” section in most large secular bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, they will offer opportunities to learn much more than what you can see on TV or the movies.

Make no mistake about what is happening here, this is not just another form of worldly entertainment. Satan has followers just as Jesus does and he has sold-out, committed people who already know how to operate in the unseen realm of darkness and they are teaching others to do the same. He is counting on us to either be asleep spiritually, not believe he’s a threat to us, or stay afraid of learning how to operate in the spiritual realm, thereby leaving him to operate unchecked against people.

Has darkness finally defeated the light?

No!…And it Never Will!

However, it’s obvious there is a hunger for the supernatural like there never has been before.

Why is this happening?

Born for the Supernatural

We were originally created by God to live and operate from the supernatural or spiritual realm. We were to live on earth as we do now, but He gave us the ability to live in the Spirit realm and He fully intended us to see and operate in and from a realm unseen with physical eyes, but a realm that is far more real and tangible than this natural realm we’re accustomed to.

If you’re a Christian, a truly “born-again” one, your salvation experience actually means you were born “from above”. In John 3:3 in the KJV, when Nicodemus came to Jesus at night asking Him about salvation, Jesus simply said, “You must be born again”, of the (Holy) Spirit. The words “born again” in the original Greek language in this passage actually mean: born from above, from a higher place, of things which come from heaven or God.

Satan knows that we as human beings, Christians or otherwise, were born with incredible purpose from God. I believe he also knows that we were created by God to operate in power and authority over him and his demons.

He may also know that we were created initially with a hunger to live from eternity or from the Spirit realm continuously. Therefore, it would be very logical for our spiritual enemy to create the best counterfeit or illusion of an original truth for the sole purpose of bringing us (as his opponent) down permanently. At the very least, he wants to keep us distracted and in unbelief of what God originally intended for us so that we would never fulfill our purpose.

I believe there is biblical evidence that we are to be operating in and from the spiritual realm. Ephesians 2:5-6 says, Even when we were dead in sins, [God] hath quickened us together with Christ,  6 And hath raised us up together , and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

This verse is not only talking about “positional theology”. This is literally talking about us coming and going in the Spirit realm or even being translated at times and then being returned with revelation and instruction as the result of divine encounters with either Jesus Himself, or angelic encounters ordained by God. In fact it is happening “right now” on a global scale at an amazing rate.

There are numerous accounts of apostles (such as Peter) and disciples having supernatural visitations from angels, being translated almost 20 miles away (such as Phillip), being caught up in the Spirit in or out of the body (such as Paul), seeing Jesus in an open vision (such as Steven), John in Revelation 4 seeing Jesus in an open vision.

Why is it so hard to believe that this was meant for us as well?

Divine encounters actually started back in the Old Testament, which was under an inferior covenant compared to what we are supposed to be living in today. In other words, we as Christians are supposed to be operating at a higher level of glory (the manifested presence of God) than Moses did when he came off the mountain and was glowing because he reflected God’s presence (see 2 Cor. 3:7-12).

Sensitized or Desensitized?

It’s my personal conviction based on what I understand in Scripture so far, that we as Christians are constantly being either sensitized to the things of the spiritual (God’s) realm, or desensitized by the world and the realm of darkness. I believe that there are only two kingdoms which constantly influence us, regardless of whether or not we’re a Christian. And we are constantly moving one way or the other depending on our level of hunger for God or the world.

There is no static position in the spirit realm!

Colossians 1:13 describes the born again experience as being freed from the power or kingdom of darkness and translated in the kingdom or the power of the Son of His dear love. The apostle Paul wrote in Romans 6:16 that whoever you give yourself to, to obey, you are the slaves of that one. Whether it’s obedience to righteousness, or disobedience to death. Again, this is referring indirectly to the two kingdoms that affect life on earth.

One of the most powerful verses I’ve ever found that proves this out is Mark 4:24 in the Amplified version. 24 And He said to them, Be careful what you are hearing. The measure [of thought and study] you give [to the truth you hear] will be the measure [of virtue and knowledge] that comes back to you—and more [besides] will be given to you who hear (the new AMP is different than this).

This is saying, it’s up to you how much power and knowledge of God’s word you want to operate in. The more you put in, the more you’ll receive. And the same things goes for the things of the world. Refer to Romans 6:16 above once again. God made us in such a way that we will produce whatever we spend the most time focusing on…and worshiping.

Just as Peter’s shadow healed people (Acts 5:15) when he walked down the street because He was full of the Holy Spirit, whatever overshadows us or determines our appetites and passions will eventually be released through us wherever we go.

There are only two masters, Jesus or Satan.

Is the Church Afraid?

Why is there so little teaching available “in most churches today” on the vitally important subject of living in the Spirit realm in these last days? I believe there’s probably many reasons, but I also believe there are a few primary reasons for this happening.

First is possibly the fear of getting “out there” so far that you get into heresy and cannot get back. Secondly, fear of what it actually looks like, how to correctly teach it, and how to operate in it so that we don’t get into complete foolishness. Third, perhaps there is a complete ignorance or lack of awareness that it’s really available and that it is designed for us by God to operate in “that” realm in order to stop satan’s strategies before they ever reach the earth.

Just like any other doctrine or important biblical principle or truth, things can get out of balance or be taught incorrectly and then end in error. However, is it not “just as wrong” to shy away from something so important just because we’re afraid we may make a mistake in teaching it?

I know this! The churches that are currently operating in a high-level of this are making enormous impact on the realm of darkness and the culture around them. But those who are afraid of this type of teaching will probably remain cloistered away in their safe, sterile, impotent environment until Jesus comes.

We Need the Gifts Today!

God has intentionally given supernatural gifts to His body for many reasons. Some are for encouragement and some are for warnings. Some are for information, instruction, direction, and wisdom. They are described in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11. The gifts of prophecy and tongues and their proper uses are explained in 1 Corinthians 14. Jesus operated in “all” of the gifts at times and He demonstrated the incredible importance and the wonderful benefits to mankind when they did operate.

In the Old Testament, God regularly and powerfully used prophets to speak to people individually and corporately because the Holy Spirit had not yet come to dwell inside His creation. If you do a word study of the word prophet or prophets in the original Hebrew language, you’ll find some of them were actually called seers. These were prophets who “literally saw” into the spiritual realm and prophesied what they saw…while living in an “inferior” covenant to what we have today (see Heb.8:6).

I believe what most of us have experienced so far is just the tip of the iceberg of what God wants us to operate in. I am not suggesting that there are more gifts available to us than what was provided in the word. But I do believe most of us are operating far below our God-given potential; I know I am! I believe there are doors open to us by way of the spiritual gifts already in existence that can launch us into experiences in God that can literally speed up our spiritual growth; as well as our effectiveness. I believe this because I know of people today that are already operating in tremendous levels of God’s power and bearing great fruit in their lives for God. And they are not in error or heretical because of it.

We (I) Must Stay Hungry for Him

I feel inadequate this time in trying to communicate what’s on my heart about this subject. It’s very important to me…and I believe it’s important to God. I’m sure that someone is going to misunderstand what I’m saying and think this is heresy. Again, a very thorough study of the Old and New Testaments will clearly reveal that the people who operated in powerful anointing’s were flesh and blood just like we are today.

I’m also very aware that you cannot twist God’s arm and make Him give you experiences, nor should you necessarily seek that. That’s simply foolish! The bible says that God gives the gifts as He chooses. However, the fact remains that simple, ordinary, everyday people are having miraculous encounters with God that leave them changed forever. Then they immediately go out and do astounding things for God’s kingdom, but in His power and they exalt Him as a result.

I believe in order for this to happen we have to stay hungry for God. “How do I do that?” you say. I’m going to give you the best answer I’ve ever heard from a man I have tremendous respect for. It’s very simple and I can back it up with the word (see Mk. 4:24 AMP).

He said you do just the opposite of what you do in the natural to get hungry. If you’ve ever fasted or were forced to go without food for a determined amount of time, you really start to feel the effects. A prolonged fast always proves this out.

In order for you to get hungry and stay hungry for God, you get into His word and read and read, and meditate and simply devour it. You worship Him and spend time in prayer. And sometimes, you don’t do anything but sit quietly and just love Him, listen to Him, and breathe Him in.

When this becomes a habit that consumes you to the point that you schedule everything else around Him and time with Him, you’ll start to have some experiences that absolutely astound you. And you know what, there’s absolutely no chance of you being deceived by the enemy or having an unbiblical experience because there are no demons that will hang around in that heavenly atmosphere.

Let’s seek God for a new level of experience in our relationship with Him. But be forewarned, if you’re going to go places with Him that you’ve never been before, you, (I) will be required to leave some things behind that you’ve been carrying for a while.

Please, please, please know this. I am most certainly including myself in “all” of this. I know what’s available and my fleshly thinking has been holding me back but I am trying to cooperate with the Holy Spirit so that I will stay on the altar long enough to die some more.

Let’s pray for each other and see what He’ll do. I can hardly wait.

*The best book that I’m personally aware of on the subject of living in the supernatural realm is: Gazing Into Glory-Every Believer’s Birthright to Walk In the Supernatural by Bruce D. Allen from Destiny Image Publishers.

It’s loaded with personal testimonies and strong teaching backed up by the word in the original Hebrew and Greek texts. It’s a great read!

Serving You Truth,



*I chose not to capitalize satan’s name other than the beginning of a sentence because he doesn’t merit the attention.



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