How Big is Your God?

We’re living in a time when we are being inundated with information on a daily basis and on a global scale. Regardless of whether or not you’re a techie who stays on the cutting edge of technology, you are bombarded regularly with information in the sensory realm by every possible format available today.

In the culture we are currently living in, we must stay informed to a certain degree to function properly and to be aware of opportunities God brings our way, as well as dangers to either avoid or prepare for.

However, as Christians, if we are going to function as God intended, there is something very important we need to be remembering because it is literally a “life or death” issue for us spiritually.

You Become What You Think

Proverbs 23:7 (ASV) says, “For as he thinks within himself, so is he.” In other words, we will produce outside of us what we are constantly dwelling on internally.

If you are a Christian, you can say that you believe God is able to meet your needs, heal your body, deliver you from trouble, etc. But if you’re constantly thinking fearful, anxious, doubt-filled thoughts about God’s ability to protect and provide for you and your loved ones in this uncertain time, you’re going to open yourself up to some very adverse circumstances financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In Job 3:25 (NLT), he said, “What I always feared has happened to me. What I dreaded has come true.”

I heard an interesting statement made last Sunday by a brilliant woman named Dr. Caroline Leaf, who is a Neuro-Scientist, She said there is now documented evidence that 75% to 98% of “all” diseases are thought related. That’s an amazing statistic to say the least. Science is finally discovering with all their testing and analysis that God’s word is true. As a man thinks, so he becomes.

If you’ve ever listened to successful people or studied their lives for any length of time, sooner or later you’ll hear them talk about the power of thoughts and imagination in relation to successful completion of dreams they’ve pursued.

How Do You Think About God?

How you think about God, His nature, His credibility and trustworthiness means the difference between life and death for you and those you’re responsible for…literally! In order for you learn about God and His nature, you must spend enough time in His word on a consistent basis to have your mind renewed, or conformed to the way He thinks. This cannot be a casual thing in these last days; it must be a lifestyle.

You never have to be afraid of being deceived if you spend time in God’s word, letting Holy Spirit breathe on the written word and bring it to life for you personally. God’s word will interpret and prove itself by itself.

It’s important to spend adequate time reading, studying, and meditating on God’s word so that it becomes part of you at a “cellular level”. In other words, it must dominate your thinking in every area of life so it affects your choices about how you spend your money, the entertainment you choose, your friends, the places you go and so on. And most importantly, how you treat or respond to people.

You may have grown up with a particular religious or legalistic persuasion or denomination that has taught you that God wants you broke, sick, and to have nothing to show for your years of hard work or service to Him. If this is so, you have been taught wrong and you do not know the God of the bible, not really!

If this has been your experience, you may have a difficult time believing for supernatural supply that goes beyond what our paper currency can provide when and if it fails.

However, a thorough study of the Gospels and renewing your mind with the miracles of Jesus will pave the road for encounters with Him that can take you places you’ve never been before (see John 14:21).

Who Has the Greatest Influence on You?

Regardless of what you believe about all of this, it’s true. The kinds of thoughts you allow to take up space in your mind, will always manifest in like behaviors under pressure or in times of crisis.

There is another scripture in Matthew 12:34 that says, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” That’s because God made us this way. Our spirit will always produce what we put into it through our eyes, ears, and thought processes. Another way of saying it is, “you will always become most like what your worship” or constantly focus on. It’s an unchangeable spiritual law!

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, we must stay informed to some degree to be aware of what’s going on around us in this world today. God did not create us to run in fear from everything and bury our heads in the sand like a bunch of Ostriches. However, you cannot feed your mind and heart on all the negative news coming down the pike and expect to hear from God clearly. Neither will your faith be developed to the point that you can believe God for miraculous supply and protection if your heart and mind are full of negative thoughts and images.

One of the ministries of Holy Spirit is to reveal “all” truth to us (John 14:26) as well as showing us things to come (John 16:13). It’s one of His job descriptions, He’s got it down and He’s good at what He does. But we have a part to play in this role too.

An Old Testament Perspective on Provision

I have a question for you. Can you think of a specific time when you’ve had a serious need in the last few years, recently, or anytime in your lifetime? Did God come through for you? If so, can you relate that situation to a specific scripture or a specific word God gave you? Did it involve your thought processes or your believing in any way? Of course it did, it had to.

If God didn’t come through for you, why do you believe He didn’t? Do you think He missed it on your behalf? Did it have anything at all to do with your way of thinking or how you saw God in relation to Him being able or willing to meet your need(s)?

Think about this situation for a little bit. Put yourself in Moses’ place when he was leading the Israelites through the wilderness after they left Egypt.

Experts speculate that there were somewhere between two and three million people under his leadership and a good portion of them were immature, whining, ungrateful people. That was a huge responsibility. How do you think those people would have survived if Moses would have believed things about God that many Christians and non-Christians believe about Him today?

Because Moses maintained an intimate relationship with God and was radically obedient to Him, his faith opened the door for God to provide an abundance of miracles for over a million people, on a daily basis, for forty years. This has never happened before or since.

How Much Did God Provide?

I’m going to provide some statistics regarding the amount of provision that God released through Moses for the Israelites during their wilderness journey. These statistics are taken from Perry Stone’s book titled: Supernatural Provision in the End Times. It was published by the Voice of Evangelism Ministries, Inc. in 1999.

On page 7, it describes what had to happen in order for almost three million people to cross the Red Sea before the Egyptians could overtake them and destroy them.

“God made a path in the sea (Isa. 43:16) in order to bring three million people across the Red Sea in a day’s time. The path was five miles wide and the people were 5,000 abreast! If they had walked two by two, the line would have been 800 miles long and taken about 35 days and nights to cross. Can God make a way in the wilderness? He sure can!”

Pg. 8 “The next miracle would be feeding such a multitude. It is estimated that feeding three million people would require four-thousand tons of food a day! If bread had been transported from Egypt to the desert in railroad cars every morning, it would take two freight trains, each a mile long, loaded with bread just to feed the people. At today’s prices this could cost up to $12 million a day! Yet God rained Manna every morning, except on the Sabbath. Can God furnish a table in the wilderness? God can!”

The next great miracle that God performed on a daily basis was their water supply. “They needed water to drink, to give to their animals, to wash their pots and pans, as well as their clothes. To bring in enough water to perform the daily task needed for three million people would amount to about eleven million gallons of water a day. If this water could be placed in railroad tankers, it would take a train stretching from Virginia to California in order to provide the necessary water to meet the needs of this traveling caravan…for just one day!. Yet, God knew where water was hidden under the rocks in the wilderness, and God brought Moses to the exact spot to bring the water from the rock” (Numbers 20:11).

Then there’s the miracle of the quail that God sent into the camp when the Israelites begin to complain because they were tired of Manna (Numbers 11:32).

“In modern equivalents, the quail fell in the camp about two feet deep and the person gathering the least gathered ten omers of quail! According to notes in the Dake’s Annotated Bible, one omer was about ten bushels. Ten omers would be one-hundred five bushels. This would amount to about six-thousand, seven-hundred quails each. This was enough for them to eat meat every day for one month. God told them they would have quail coming out their nose” (Numbers  11:20) because of their complaints against Him [my emphasis].

These statistics which can all be backed up by scripture should be more than enough to prove to you, or at least inform you, that our God is well able to meet your needs and do it abundantly when the need genuinely dictates it.

Keep this in mind, “all of these miracles” that God performed for these people under Moses’ leadership was done under the law which was an inferior covenant or promise in light of what God has promised for us today in the new covenant (see 2 Cor. 3:7-11, Heb.7:22, 8:6).

Miracles Haven’t  Ceased

Please understand that I am uniquely aware that there is just as great a need for God’s miracles today as there were in Old Testament times. I have good news for you. Miracles did not pass away with the Old Testament, the apostles, the book of Acts, or anything else you may have been told. Just because you may have not experienced any yet does not mean that God has closed up shop.

As a matter of fact, Jesus performed so many miracles in the Gospels during His very short ministry that John said in John 21:25 (AMP), “And there are also many other things which Jesus did. If they should be all recorded one by one [in detail], I suppose that even the world itself could not contain (have room for) the books that would be written.”

Jesus told us in Jn. 14:16-17 that when He went away He would send us another comforter, which is the Holy Spirit. In the Greek language, this means that Holy Spirit performs the exact same function today that Jesus did when He walked the earth bodily. But it’s even better than that because He personally indwells everyone who has accepted Jesus as Savior, Lord, and ruler of their lives. It doesn’t get any better than this.

God Never Changes, He Never Leaves Us

In these last days, nothing in this natural world that has been built and established by man can be ultimately depended upon. I am not saying not to trust people, we still need to do that. But we all need someone who can be trusted like one else and that Someone can only be Jesus Christ, through the person of His Holy Spirit.

Hebrews 13:8 says He (God) is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. Jesus said in Matthew 28:20, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. In Isaiah 54:10, God said that the mountains and hills can fall away and disappear, but His kindness and covenant of peace will “always” be with us.

These are great promises and you can trust God for your needs, physical, financial, emotional, mental or whatever!

However, you must remember that God’s system does not operate like this world. While there are some similarities, you must get into His word and know Him first before you try operate His laws, but they will always work as He says.

If you’re not His child, it’s simple to become one. All you have to do is admit that you’re not God and that you need Him. Repent of trying to run your own life. Admit you don’t know it all and that you need Someone Who does, and that’s Jesus.

Please invite Him into your heart today. You don’t have to pray a long prayer. Just say, “Jesus I need You. Please forgive me for not believing You’re Who You said You were. I ask forgiveness and I want You to come into my heart and life and take over.” And He will…immediately!

Then you’re immediately forgiven, accepted, adopted, and have access to Him the rest of your life.

And that my friend, is the “greatest” miracle of all!

Serving You Truth,







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