What If?

What if Holy Spirit was allowed by people, any people, all people, His people, to totally have His way in our lives? What would change in our personal lives, our families, businesses, our churches, our culture and our nation?

What could possibly be keeping this precious Person of the Trinity from having full access to our lives? I believe there are many things that could be the problem. But if Holy Spirit is allowed to do all He wants, when He wants, and how He wants, it is going to make us very uncomfortable in many ways.

We (me included) do not like to be made uncomfortable. This politically correct, sensual-based culture has made many of us addicted to comfort and we simply do not like anything that we cannot control or anything that’s going to make us uncomfortable or push us outside our comfort zones.

Holy Spirit is a Person of the Trinity and HE IS GOD in every sense of the word. He cannot and will not be controlled by man’s agenda! He will not be part of agendas and religious practices that are elevated by man to the place that only He deserves.

He’s Outside Your Box…

My personal desire is to “see” God show up in our church services (all denominations), our homes, and on the streets to the point that we are on our face before Him because His power and holiness has been made so obvious to us.

Would that make me uncomfortable? You bet it would! I’m quite sure it would even scare me! I doubt that very many of us have experienced the “true fear of God” and remained the same.

God has been outside most of our religious boxes forever. I say that because all of us, whether we’re aware of it or not, have probably compartmentalized God in our thinking and our lives. Regardless of whether or not you grew up in church, we all have some concept or idea of what we think God is like and I really doubt that most of us have had encounters like the prophets and apostles did in the bible.

If you were one of the Israelites who were led out of Egypt, how comfortable would you have been following a cloud in the daytime for direction into your future? And how about having a pillar of fire hovering over you at night for heat and protection. That was quite a paradigm shift for the Israelites compared to living in Egypt under bondage.

If that’s not enough, wouldn’t it seem strange to have some guy leading you that speaks to a rock and enough water comes out of it to quench the thirst of millions of people? And how about parting rivers and oceans? And we can’t forget fire and smoke resting on the mountain and seeing Moses ascending into the smoke and disappearing for 40 days. Not quite normal is it?

What Being Outside the Box Looks Like

I heard a quote that I really like from a pastor a while back whose church has been experiencing “book of Acts” miracles now for more than a decade. It goes like this. “The power of God has been missing from ‘the church’ for so long that when He does show up, they think it’s the devil.” In other words, the (western) church as a whole does not know how to recognize the many ways God moves so they don’t know how to discern what is a genuine, authentic move of the Holy Spirit.

In other words, religious tradition and denominational dogma has so indoctrinated people that we not only “do not allow” the Holy Spirit to move like He wants to, but we cannot recognize what is really Him, even when He does try to do something in our services. I have experienced Him being stopped by agendas or orders of service so many times that I’ve “felt Him being grieved by it”.

 I grew up in a very strict, legalistic, rule-oriented church environment. In fact, I actually spent almost four decades in that type of atmosphere. I believe those people loved God, but never in that entire time did I “ever” see proof that God would or could manifest Himself through the Person of Holy Spirit…not once in almost 40 years. In fact it was implied that it no longer happened.

Thank God He delivered me and my family from that form of religion in the early 90’s and I’m still on quest to pursue where God wants us to be before He comes. I know where it is and I must get there.

When the Brownsville Revival broke out in Pensacola, FL in the latter 90’s as well as what was referred to at the Toronto Outpouring that happened in the Toronto Airport Vineyard, heretic hunters and self-appointed watch dogs were persecuting these movements as being from the devil. As a matter of fact (I won’t mention names) some of the ministries were getting rich from their books about counterfeit revivals and such.

There were reports coming from these meetings of people howling and barking like dogs and crawling like snakes on the floor as well as other unusual manifestations. Well imagine that! Wouldn’t you expect demons to start manifesting in people when the raw unhindered, resurrection power of Christ started showing up? It did in Jesus’ day, why should it be different today? When you turn the lights on in a bug infested dwelling don’t they normally scatter and go back into the dark? Enough said!

Religion (I’m talking about man’s idea of what ‘he thinks’ God is like & does) is cold, restrictive, manipulative, controlling, boring, and hates freedom and diversity of expression in individuals. Religion is a demonic spirit and is threatened by and fearful of people who want to be from it and who have a hunger to pursue authentic Holy Spirit freedom.

When God is allowed by church leadership to “do what He wants” (see Psa. 115:3 NKJV) He will not usually do things the way we think He should or might. Actually, it will probably be the exact opposite or be outside the box because He’s not concerned with us being comfortable. As a matter of fact He’s totally ok with “offending our minds to reveal what’s in our hearts.”

If He’s allowed to manifest Himself in power so He can deal with His creation at a heart level, people will start getting free and fulfilling their purpose in Him which then expands God’s kingdom, brings Him glory and brings satisfaction and fulfillment to that individual.

The Way it Was Meant to Be

I hope and pray in the coming days and months that God is allowed to return to His church in absolute power and authority, but it starts with me and us (1 Pet. 4:17). I hope that churches all across America will not be afraid to allow Him His rightful place…after all, it is His church.

I pray that He will be allowed once again to “totally” interrupt our agendas and our programs and services. And that goes for all ministry conferences as well, He owns those too!

But “how dare He interrupt our schedules”. After all, we’ve spent so much time, effort and money trying to be on the cutting edge of technology because we have to offer the same thing as the world so that we can get their attention to come in.

How about us learning to walk in the Spirit at a level where God is allowed to “tangibly” manifest Himself upon us or a physical location or building so that people are drawn inside almost like some type of spiritual magnet.

This is what happened during other outpourings of the Holy Spirit like Azusa Street and it is happening today in many places globally where they’re in no hurry to leave.

When we as God’s children get to the place that we’re more interested in ministering to God Himself by way of lifting up His son through His Holy Spirit than trying to cram worship, announcements, preaching and offering into a one hour service for the purpose of being seeker-friendly, then we just might start seeing some miraculous things happen with real eternal value.

We don’t need hype! And we don’t need gimmicks to get people to come in. What we need is the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit resting upon us continually and upon a place to the degree that the unchurched start coming onto the parking lots and into our buildings because they have a sense that they need what we have!

God bless you,


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