Learning His Voice

When we use the bulk of what God has given us for ourselves, we have chosen where to level off, as well as telling God what He can trust us with.

Breakthrough DOES NOT come from acting on spiritual principles alone. It comes from being sensitive to and then acting on the “voice” of Holy Spirit. We do not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, not just what “has proceeded.” What has proceeded is yesterday’s news, but what is proceeding is for today.

However, what “is proceeding” will never, never, contradict what “has proceeded.” It will always agree with it.

Fresh revelation and understanding always comes with His manifest presence.

When we turn aside from our personal agendas as Moses turned aside that day to see the burning bush, we will attract the voice of the Lord as he did.

We “must recognize” how God speaks to us and through us. If we do not understand this we’ll unknowingly or inadvertently discredit His gentle promptings and then “put more attention” on God’s word coming through someone else and miss the “very word” we’ve been waiting for.

Holy Spirit may choose to speak through inspired thoughts, dreams, passions in your heart, visions, specific scriptures that perfectly address questions you’ve been asking, etc.

When this happens, make a special point to write them down as soon as possible so that you can refer to them over and over and pray into them.

Holy Spirit speaks to everyone differently. My personal experience has shown me that He will speak to you consistently according to the natural bent or gifting that He has given you.

For example, I love to write! Many times I sense Him prompting me to get a pen and note pad or to go to my computer. It’s amazing how many times I’ve gone to my journals from past years and found that things went well because I obeyed what I wrote down when I felt prompted to journal.

And other times it has not gone so well when I thought what I was writing was “just me” so I discounted it and basically ignored it.

God loves you and has been and is speaking to you every day about important things and about your relationship with Him. Listen and respond to His loving promptings.

You will not be sorry!

God bless you,


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